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It has been announced that there will be a movie based on the Boom comic book "Imagine agents" and Michael Keaton is set to produce and star in the film. This comes as a surprise since Keaton hasn't been in a comic book film for some time. His last film appearance was in Bird-man which was praised by fans and critics, although some found it weirdly erratic. Keaton's involvement in this adaptation will no doubt become a major selling point for the film given his gravitas and star power, but it still remains to be seen if another star will hop in the same boat as him or if it will become a possible vehicle for an up and coming actor.

The series was created by writer Brian Joines and artist Bachan, the story tackles the idea that the imaginary friends of children are actually very real and centers on an organization titled I.M.A.G.I.N.E., which handles things when these figments get out of control.

The movie will most likely have a tone that is similar to M.I.B. since their will be a "rookie gets teamed up with a veteran agent" approach. We can expect to see high-tech gadgets and over the top hi-jinks.The story is definitely interesting and the concept is so ridiculous that it could be one of the most exciting films in years, hopefully the film has a great villain or main antagonist.

When looking at this comic and its potential to be a great film you remember that it reminds you of Foster's home for imaginary friends ( which is a great show by the way). The comic seems to be a fusion of the beloved cartoon and Men-In Black which could be very interesting if this movie is handled well.The very idea of imaginary friends committing crimes is twisted and cleverly ingenious. The film will inevitably be compared to Men in black when the first trailer or set photo is dropped, but it will still have to find a way to differentiate itself in order to draw in audiences. Overall this is one of the more interesting comic book adaptations to look forward to in the coming years, especially if you want a break from Marvel or DC adaptations.


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