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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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While The Human Centipede III has almost unanimously disappointed audiences with its deranged blend of comedy and horror - it has attained the rare status of 1% approval rating on Metacritic - there are still some suitably repellent events.


A brief outline of the plot: a giant, remote prison in Texas is run by demented warden Bill Boss. He wants to exert more discipline on his prisoners, starting with torture and ending up with creating a 500-person-long Human Centipede.

Check out the 7 most revolting, most disturbing moments from The Human Centipede III.

1. Hand-Crafted Castration

In order to get a particularly troublesome prisoner into line, Bill Boss decides to cut his ballsack open with a pocketknife and remove the contents. Then he smears the blood all over his own face, for some reason.


2. Crispy Fried Clitorises

If there's one snack to make Colonel Sanders cry, it's Bill Boss's greasy jar of crispy fried clitorises. Bill thinks that the Black Market Voodoo nibble will make him more powerful (rather than more revolting).


3. Shot in the Stoma

Bill Boss finds a prisoner who uses a colostomy bag and will therefore be of no use to his grand Human Centipede. He rips the poor guy's tubing out and shoots him in the hole.


4. The Actual Centipede, Obviously

Because there's always something fairly revolting about seeing 500 burly prisoners attached together butt-to-mouth. Especially as one of them has chronic diarrhea.


5. Boiling Water-Boarding

Obsessed with torture, Bill Boss decides that simple water-boarding is not enough punishment, so he replaces the regular liquid for boiling hot water. Third degree facial burns ensue.


6. Tear Him a New One

In Bill Boss's nightmares, he dreams that the prisoners turn loose and rape him in a particularly brutal way. One man cuts a hole in his soft kidney tissue and proceeds to... enter it. It's not pretty.


7. Time For My Close-Up!

You guys, you know I can't show you a picture of an actual butthole.

Never before have we seen the Human Centipede constructed in such technicolor HD detail. That is the closest I would ever like to look into a man's anus, particularly if amateur sewing is being conducted in the region.

Here's the disgusting trailer, in case that wasn't enough disturbing grossness for ya.

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