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Since the build to the Avengers Films, there's been debates and rumors on who should have their own movie. Ranging from a new Hulk movie to Black Widow and even Luke Cage (although we may be getting him in Jessica Jones with possibly Iron Fist) it seems that with the expanded universe of Characters there aught to be a few that get their turn in the spotlight, some mega stars within the universe and some very underrated that Marvel hasn't looked upon yet...Here about 7 (odd choice of number so shut it) Characters I feel have the potential to be great assets to the MCU.

1. Valkyrie

Real Name: Brunnhilde

A warrioress that can fight side by side with the likes of Thor, Sif and the Warriors Three is a member of the Defenders and fought one called The Dragon Of The Moon. Although not a high ranked character, she has the potential in developing a powerful entity in the MCU whether it's a supportive role or a major role, without question can lead the landscape in developing female superheroes without being stereotypical. A woman who's adventures were countless, is a character that is willing to sacrifice for who she believes in and was bestowed the powers of the Valkyrie by Odin himself.

2. Beta Ray Bill

Real Name: Beta Ray Bill

The owner of Stormbreaker has the strength of an Asgardian and is second to Thor in terms of Powers and Stamina. His home-world destroyed by the demon Surtur and was re-assembled by scientists who transferred his life-force into a beastly creature. If anyone deserves their time in the spotlight it's Beta Ray. A man who is willing to fight for his people and has the ability to kick some major ass using a hammer that was made by the same beings that made mjolnir. Although in the beginning he fought Thor, he eventually learned that he can be an asset to help his people and follow his own path but yet consider the help from Asgard. This character can be a great addition to Thor: Ragnarok as a small role in the final battles of Thor's enemies and possibly the beginning of a new age in Warriors in Arms and the starting gate to a full fledged Solo film.

3. Moon Knight

Real Name: Marc Spector

This is the closest to a Batman we can see in the Marvel Universe and I see this as a guy who can have his own show (Netflix definitely). A man who was left for dead and was saved by Egyptian followers of Khonshu. Given the responsibility to have superhuman powers he comes back to the states and fights off baddies while using two identities (one of which is vaguely familiar in the DC Universe) a multi-millionaire and a taxi-driver under 2 other aliases. This particular character would be set in a much darker and just as violent form of place (nearly up there with Daredevil). The moon is his power bearing weapons with the likes of Darts and a Boomerang. No one can is as good as Batman but MK is an offshoot of the Dark Knight that may not have the same mind but surely can develop Icon Status that we haven't seen before.

4. Shanna The She-Devil

Real Name: Shanna O'Hara Plunder

This is what Tarzan would be like if he were a woman. Hell she might even give the ape man a run for his money as it is. A voluptuous Amazonian-like woman with fierce skills in hunting and gymnastics that would make just about any man beg for mercy. If looks can kill, she'd be at the top of the list. This could be difficult developing a movie or show but if it's done right, she can be more popular than the Ape Man himself without any major references or story-line similarities. A former New York Zoo worker who hated those that killed the big cats decides to leave everything behind and return them to Africa and become one with them in the wild. Killed in the line of fire and resurrected with the blood of a native in order to keep her ties to the land she calls home. Women are inspired by independent actions of other women and being a warrior and knowing how to handle herself makes her that much more bad ass. Black Widow can have some serious competition here.

5. Ka-Zar

Real Name: Lord Kevin Plunder

Looks like He-Man, built like Tarzan; Ka-Zar is the blond version of the Ape-Man along with his trusted companion Zabu the Sabertooth Tiger. A powerful and strong human (no superpowers) that fights with the will of the Jungle and is the husband of the She-Devil Shanna. Like Shanna, this can be a difficult process to become a reality creative wise due to the fact that if you minus the hair and Zabu he's a striking resemblance to Tarzan. It can be done but it also has that flaw of it being a totally campy flick but if done properly, you have quite the adventure with this hunter and combative entity. It needs to be different, something that has ties to other Marvel Characters and the feel that it doesn't have to be similar to the Ape-Man but being created within something else entirely.

6. Morbius

Real Name: Dr. Michael Morbius

Although we've already had a Vampire series in the realm of Blade however this would be a totally different outlook on Vampire Storytelling (personally it would be better than twilight by a long shot). This would be about a man who wasn't born a vampire or being bit by one; it's more scientific than that. Dr. Morbius has a blood condition which he was discovering a cure for and it turned into a very horrifying entity in which using the blood of bats and in the process of electric shock therapy it turned him into a blood-thirsty Vampire. Didn't have the immortality but needed to kill in order to survive. You can't really condemn him either as a good guy or villain so he's stuck in the middle with this deathly disease that he caused on himself and trying to return to his old self. This would be the most tragic story on this list because although he has fought heroes like Spider-Man, he's a man trapped in his own dark world that he never wished on himself and has to live with the fact that whether he goes back to normal or not, that demon within him is the black hole he can never come out of.

7. Rogue

Real Name: Unknown

This can be a really incredible X-Men spin-off to show more of the character's struggle with her abilities and the people that are around her. Sure she was one of the first focuses on the first X-Men Film back in 2000 and gets her turn in the spotlight for a Rogue Cut of X-Men: Days Of Future Past but even that won't settle for the realization of who this character can become and how we can really learn about her development in the struggle to be an X-Man and her ties to possibly Mystique and other X-Men Characters. Anna Paquin can return for at least one full fledged movie that will bring new light to a character that didn't hit so well as we hoped in the X-Men Films but has the potential to rise and be the character we can grow to love and feel for.

There you have it. Marvel characters that should get their turn in the spotlight at least one or two films. Although there can be flaws and some of them may suck but there's that other side that can take a risk and turn them into incredible blockbusters and be just as mainstream or more with the megastars of the MCU. It's all about having an imagination and believing in the possibilities.


Who do you want to see have their own film?


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