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A month ago CW's " The Flash" ended with a bang. With the final showdown between The Scarlet Speedster and The Reverse Flash, to Barry finally fully embracing his role as a hero, we were left with a suspenseful cliffhanger. Though the Jay Garrick and Hawkgirl teases were certainly exciting to see, what really caught our attention was a close up of Eddie Thawne's lifeless body before he was dragged into a worm hole. From the start it was known that he would have ties to The Flash's arch enemy The Reverse Flash, but the question was how? Other than the theory of him being The Reverse Flash himself, we also thought he could be Cobalt Blue. Others seem to agree with that idea but now the question is how can he now that he is dead. Taking a close look at the final shot we get of Eddie, a blue talisman can be seen around his neck.

Click the spoiler below to read more on Cobalt Blue's back story. Check out the video embedded above the spoiler to hear our explanation. Continue towards the bottom to read the rest.

Here is a back story on Cobalt Blue from the comics for those who don't follow it so closely. During a stormy night (original, right) two women came to the office of Dr. Gilmore. One of the women Charlene Thawne lost her child after it had been strangled on it’s own umbilical cord. The other woman Nora Allen was expecting twins and gave birth successfully to two boys. Lacking a nurse, being drunk out of his mind and failing to save Charlene’s child; the doctor made a decision which would start the Allen and Thawne story. He told the Allen’s one of their babies was a stillborn. They brought home the twin who would grow up to be Barry Allen. The other boy was raised by the Thawnes and was named Malcolm. We all know who Barry grew up to be and though he suffered many tragedies in his life, he turned out alright. Malcolm however was not so lucky. The Thawnes were con artists who used a strange blue flame (it was said to be an inherited power) that could heal people. They then scammed people into buying petroleum jelly with food coloring with people believing they could heal using it. Everyone in the Thawne family had this power except for Malcolm who was teased about it. After having enough and asking to be taught to use the power, his mother told him he was adopted. After tracking down Doctor Gilmore and learning of his true origins, he killed him. This started his hunt to finding his true family. He found Barry and went as far as getting a job as a janitor for a cleaning service used by The Central City Police Station, watching his brother from afar. He even saw the accident resulting in Barry becoming the Flash. He became jealous of his brother and felt like he should have had the life Barry had. After asking his adoptive grandmother about the blue flame, he found out that it had the power to steal anything your heart desired, fueled by passion. (So that's how he got Iris). Using the power, she told him to put his hatred towards Barry Allen into a talisman which he wore around his chest. Using the talisman and getting a costume for himself he became the super-villain known as Cobalt Blue. After confronting The Flash he revealed he knew his secret identity as Barry Allen. You can sort of guess where this goes.

Now getting back to the theory of Eddie being Cobalt Blue let’s just check some facts. He is a blonde man who loves to wear the color blue. Yes that may seem like something small , but it’s still something. His name maybe Eddie , but that could be the show changing things up to keep you guessing. We all knew Wells was Reverse Flash, but none of us were expecting to see Eobard absorb the real Wells’ DNA to mask his true identity. Eddie also showed his dark side when he felt like Barry was moving in on Iris and when he was found after being captured by Eobard. This mirrors Malcolm’s behavior in the comics. In this variation of the character he actually works as Joe’s partner at the Central City Police Station. So again a little bit different, but not too far off. The obvious one is that he had family ties to Eobard. And now the icing on the cake. The blue talisman around his neck.

People will say that he is dead, but is he really? He shot himself to save those he cared about and erase Eobard from existence, but something tells us he’s definitely coming back, otherwise, why would they have shown the talisman. We have some crazy theories in the video embedded in this post, but they could all be real possibilities. My favorite theories are the talisman may work its magic while he is stuck in that worm hole or that he may be found by Legends of Tomorrow’s main antagonist Vandal Savage. Vandal would then make Cobalt Blue his right hand man who proves to be a formidable foe for the Legends bringing Barry into the mix. I mean we are going to be see more All-Star Team Ups so that would be another awesome way to tie these shows together. Whatever way they bring him back we know that will be seeing him down the line. I’d love to read your theories on how you think Eddie will be brought back or if you think he is coming back at all! With that being said there is still plenty to looks forward to and a lot of possibilities with “The Flash” coming back in the fall.


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