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Note: This is part 2 to my first story on this. You can find part one at my page on MP.

Part One Recap:

The first part had The Avengers, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and many more heroes fighting Thanos, trying to stop him from retrieving the soul stone, the last Infinity Stone Thanos needs. The Guardians of the Galaxy also arrived to fight Thanos. At the end, Doctor Strange had brought Adam Warlock to earth, wielding the souls stone. Finally, Doctor Strange had tricked Thanos into bringing in an alternate earth to ram into and destroy the Marvel earth. As it turns out, that alternate earth contained the DC heroes, who came down to the Marvel earth to fight Thanos. (If you want more detail, check out part one.)

Part Two Begins:

Thanos and even the Marvel heroes continued to stare at these new found Justice League heroes, led by someone called the Man of Steel.

"Who the hell are these dirtbags," asked Rocket Raccoon.

Dick Grayson, amazed and confused by seeing a raccoon talk, said, "Says the talking raccoon."

"Let's see if you're still calling me a raccoon after a few good shots to your face," said Rocket, annoyed at someone calling him a raccoon again.

Thanos, now fed up with more heroes continuing to arrive, yelled out, "More heroes that are only mere mortals try to stop my conquest. Your attempts will be as fruitless as your other heroes that are now dead. Tell me, Doctor Stephen Strange, why do you think that any of this will stop me?"

Captain America, answering for Doctor Strange, replies back, "Because you can't fight on all fronts, which will be your downfall."

Thanos grabbed Captain America's shield and broke it in half with ease. The heroes are now about to give up, but Tony Stark, seeing everyone's despair and hopelessness, was determined to save the earth even if it took his dying breath to do it.

"Nooooo," yelled out Iron Man, while running towards Thanos, with his rockets firing continuously at him(Thanos).

Following the lead of Iron Man, the Inhumans, the Avengers, the Guardians, and the Justice League ran behind Iron Man, piling everything they could onto Thanos.

Adam Warlock shot a beam out of the soul stone, hitting Thanos in the chest. Hulk and Red Hulk charged at Thanos together, but Thanos pushed them and their attacks away as if they were only mere houseflies. Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing, attacked Thanos with different martial arts moves, but Thanos grabbed Nightwing and tore him in half.

Batman threw about a dozen explosive batarangs, trying to avenge Nightwing, but the batarangs did nothing to Thanos.

"Mortal contraptions do nothing to me while I hold the power of five infinity gems, and it would do nothing to me even without the gems," said Thanos, laughing at their wimpy attacks.

Then, while Thanos was still chuckling at Batman's ridiculous attempts to defeat him, a small kid steps in front of Thanos. Thanos looks down and says, "Have you become so desperate that you call upon small children to fight me?"

The small kid then yells out, "SHAZAM!!!"

Thanos stared in amazement as the small kid quickly transformed into a big, tall, powerful, and fully-grown man, and Shazam, now in adult form, said, "I'm no small kid."

Shazam then pounded Thanos, surprising Thanos with how powerful his hits were, even causing a very, very small amount of damage to Thanos.

"Regroup! I said regroup," yelled Captain America to everyone.

"How many have we lost, Cap," asked Stark.

"Yes, count your losses. Grieve your dead. You should embrace death with open arms, not fear it," said Thanos.

While Thanos was continuing with his speech of how they should want death, the heroes ignored him and continued on.

"We've lost Moon Knight, Daredevil, Punisher, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage, Tony Stark," replied Jessica Jones.

"Nightwing, Catwoman, and Green Arrow are also dead," said Batman, hanging his head in despair.

"So are Wong, Fury, Black Widow, Gamora, War Machine, and Crystal," said Doctor Strange.

"Skye, May, Mac, and Lincoln are dead too," said Phil Coulson.

"You mortals will no longer fear death," said Thanos, finishing his speech and now charging at them, shooting cosmic rays from the power stone.

"Black Bolt," said Medusa, "you know what to do."

Black Bolt nodded and prepared to use his flight.

"What the hell is he doing," asked Spider-Man.

"What he should be doing," replied Medusa.

Black Bolt then flew towards Thanos, picking him up from the ground and dropping him onto a deserted island.

"What do you think you will accomplish by this," asked Thanos.

Then, Black Bolt whispered, "This."

His whisper alone pushed Thanos back a few feet. While Thanos was recovering from Black Bolt's hit, Black Bolt flew toward Thanos about to hit him again with his superhuman strength, while Black Bolt also used his telekinesis to bring different items in front of him in order to create a shield to protect himself from Thanos' attacks.

(While Black Bolt is battling Thanos, the other DC and Marvel superheroes are still back at the Sanctum Sanctorum, where they are continuing the plan that Black Bolt, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Star-Lord - all members of the Illuminati - had come up with when they first realized Thanos was coming.)

"So, what's next in your plan," asked Triton.

"Well, first, we need our heaviest hitters to go help Black Bolt," replied Iron Man.

"Heavy-hitters, step forth," said Captain America.

Superman, Shazam, Hulk, Red Hulk, Doctor Strange, Wonder Woman, Adam Warlock, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Cloak & Dagger, and Ghost Rider stepped forward to answer Captain America's call.

"Alright, move out," Captain America called out.

"Who's leading us," asked Superman.

"I am," replied Iron Man, now in the Hulkbuster armour.

Then, Captain America yelled, " Let's Move!"

Superman, Shazam, Hulk, Red Hulk, Doctor Strange, Wonder Woman, Adam Warlock, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, Ghost Rider, and Cloak & Dagger, led by Tony Stark in the Hulkbuster, flew, ran, and even teleported to where Black Bolt and Thanos were battling each other to a stand still.

Cloak arrived first, because of his teleportation and hammered a hit down on Thanos from behind and then quickly teleported away before Thanos could attack him. Superman and Shazam then arrived, both pounding him at the same time. The Flash started creating a funnel around Thanos, drawing the air and oxygen from Thanos.

"No," yelled Thanos, while he made a huge thunderclap to push The Flash away.

The Flash rolled and tumbled across what grass was left on the island. The Hulkbuster flew in and punched Thanos, only for Thanos to toss him away. Ghost Rider wrapped his chains around Thanos, then setting his chains on fire.

"That's fire from hell on you," said Ghost Rider, continuing to flame up his chain's.

"Your fire from hell does very little to me," replied Thanos, breaking through Ghost Rider's chain's.

"Continue to fight," yelled out Tony Stark in the Hulkbuster.

Green Lantern yelled out in pain as Thanos hit him with a blast from the power stone. Green Lantern dropped to the ground, and Thanos picked him up and said, "Let this be an example for you." He then proceeded to cut off Green Lantern's head, using the power of the stones.


A lot of heroes have been killed. And Doctor Strange's plan was to have the DC heroes and the Marvel heroes team up to take down Thanos. The Illuminati came from Doctor Strange starting the group in a post-credits scene, unlike in the comics where Tony Stark started the Illuminati. I decided to include the Illuminati, because it could happen by Doctor Strange allowing him to get to where the Illuminati were by a space portal, which Doctor Strange can create. Also, Star-Lord would be a logical choice for Doctor Strange to include in the group, seeing as he is in the rest of the galaxy, and the Illuminati need people who have knowledge of more places than just earth.


Once again, I am sorry if some characters have not gotten enough time to shine, but there are still two more parts that they will have time to show their worth in. I hope you had fun reading this! And part three of "Avengers and Justice League vs. Thanos" is coming on Friday. Until next time, Goodbye and thanks for reading!!!


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