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I am a comic book absorbing, horror movie lover ( though some areas of horror are too extreme for me). i am a war veteran who is still a kid
Brian David Minock II

Hello there.. i am writing this because this idea has been stuck in my head for quite a long time. My idea ties Jason, Micheal Myers, Freddy, and Pinhead of the Hellraiser series together and is original and fresh.. well sort of.. lol

The story starts in a hospital, slowly moving towards a hallway with a sign that says hospice care hanging from the double doors leading into it. The camera pans into a room with an adult Jacob from the nightmare on elm street series standing with his son and wife during his mothers final moments before her death. Alice is the dream master and the only true person holding Freddy back from killing. When she dies Freddy is free to roam again until the next dream master is found. The next place we arrive at is haddonfield, IL. We see a couple of teenagers running and screaming out of fear of someone or something in the shadows. One of the teenagers is separated and ends up in and abandoned house trying to hide. He is sitting against a wall trying to keep from breathing heavy listening to the sounds of footsteps coming closer and closer and then they stop. Thinking he is clear the teen goes towards the door only to be stabbed through door into his chest. The camera the then opens and the camera is on the corpse until you see boots the camera then pans up slowly to reveal that it is Micheal Myers with bloody butcher knife in hand. About the same time Alice passes away and Freddy is released He stops and a vision of Freddy appears to him ,there is a reason for this that will be explained for this later, and he turns out around and disappears into the darkness of the abandoned house. The next place we visit is Crystal lake. The place has been closed to the public since Freddy and Jason last fought on it and Jason is at the bottom of the lake pinned between rocks and an old section of dock from the seventh Friday the 13th film. We start the scene with four teenagers, two males and two females just looking to have a good time and get laid in the process. What they don't know is that Jason sleeps just a few yards from where they are at. When Alice passes away and Freddy is released, he is jolted back to life while above water the hapless teenagers find an old boat on the premises and go into the water to swim. Jason sees them and starts to free himself from the rubble and heads towards the unsuspecting teens. The scene then moves to the teens above water listing to a radio while the two girls in the group swim. One of the males hears a noise in the water and the teens get back to the boat. They all look around the boat to see what it is. The scene gets quiet and one of the says" wasn't there a legend about a guy that killed a lot of people here?". The other one says "no those are only stories" and then we see a fist go straight through him revealing Jason behind him as what is left of the kid falls into the water. Jason then sinks the boat causing the others to fall into the water. We then see the others struggling to get swim to land only to have Jason kill them with relative ease. We then see Jason walking out of the water and heads for what looks like a beaten tool shed to find his machete hung up with rope. He grabs it and turns out the door and walks out with Freddy on his mind. The next place we arrive is an insane Asylum In Springwood. One of the doctors gives a patient an unassuming box and puts the patient in a room and tells him to solve it. The doctors watch from mirrored glass windows as the patient nervously tries to solve the puzzle box. The patient rubs his finger across one side of the box and then the other and then in circular motion only to be scared and steps back when the box starts moving on its own. He drops the box and moves away from it. The room begins to shake and an ominous blue light appears from out of nowhere and three entrances appear on one side of the room. Through the central entrance we hear a voice say " ah you have solved the puzzle box but you are not the soul i seek.. the soul i seek has been gone a long time and i want to bring him back to his own personal hell , oh i have such sights to show him" and then laughs in an evil hellish fashion. The camera then moves to the central entrance to see pinhead emerge from it. The patient asks "who are you?" And pinhead says "i am the one who will show you what pain and pleasure indivisible is like, just take my hand". The patient grabs his hand as pinhead picks up the box and walks through the central entrance and the entrances close to the sound of the patient screaming and pinhead laughing saying " Freddy you will be mine".

This is the working starting point for the movie.

Please tell what you think of my concept thus far for the Sequel in the comments below.


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