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So I just beat the main story of Batman Arkham knight, and I loved it! Not only is it an amazing game on it's own, but it's a great sequel too. Arkham Knight does not try to replace Arkham City, rather it is a continuation of it, as a sequel should be.

I have made posts before on what makes a good sequel, and Arkham Knight is an example of a sequel that does everything right. It continues it's main story (in more ways than you might expect) but it also adds to the game itself. The Batman Arkham games, might be the best example of a video game trilogy I have ever played. The games are not at all episodic (being episodic is the one thing you should never do when creating a franchise) all the Batman games fallow the same story ark, Batman's rivalry with the Joker (played by Mark Hamill, AKA Luke Skywalker). Arkham Knight does a brilliant job concluding this wonderful story, that was built up so well over the course of these games. If any game developer out there, is planning a sequel to one of their games, or wants to create a franchise (lookin' at you Naughty Dog) they should look at Rocksteady's Batman Arkham series, as an example, because they made an amazing trilogy.


And a prequel that was also pretty good.

I haven't even touched on the gameplay yet. The combat in Arkham Knight is, like all the other Batman games, is done really well. They've added aspects to the combat, as you would expect. They've also given us more gadgets to play with, the most impressive of which is the Bat Mobile.

A lot of fans are torn on this vehicle, but over all, I like it. The Bat Mobile has two modes, that I like to call, car mode, and tank mode. the battles in Tank mode can be a bit tedious sure, but racing down the streets of Gotham in car mode, is really fun. At times the Bat Mobile feels like another character. You get the ability to summon it from almost anywhere, and you can remotely control it, to help solve puzzles.

The Bat Mobile feels like as much one of Batman's sidekicks as Robin. The game also has other playable characters, and some pretty good DLC.


The DLC in Arkham Knight may not be as good as say, the Left Behind DLC in The Last Of US, or Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare, but it's still worth playing. Arkham Knight's DLC did introduce me to a character I didn't know much about before this game, but would love to learn more about, Red Hood.

I would tell you a little about Red Hood, but I don't want to spoil anything, but just know, he's freaking awesome.

over all, Batman Arkham Knight, is a great game, that I would definitely recommend, for it is worth every penny.


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