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Director Zack Snyder has been the hand that is guiding the DC universe on film over the next few years for Warner Bros. First he gave Superman a new origin and tone in Man of Steel. Next year Snyder will introduce Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Ray Fisher/Cyborg, and possibly a glimpse of the Flash in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The one glaring absence from the Justice League roster is that of the Green Lantern. It seems that the plan had been to get as much time and distance away from the failed 2011 Green Lantern movie, that was both a commercial and critical failure.

In the movie, Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) played Hal Jordan, in a retelling of the character's origin story. There has been heavy speculation over who would be leading the next incarnation of Green Lantern. Would WB recast Jordan and retell his origin story or would they go the John Stewart route, much like in the comics or Justice League animated series. There isn't a director formally attached to the project yet. However, Collider has reported that they know what direction Warner Bros. is looking to go in for the next installment of Green Lantern in 2020.

"We’re hearing possibly two or all three—Jordan, Stewart, and Gardner—could be the leads of Warner Bros’ Green Lantern reboot.
Furthermore, the franchise will continue to focus on different Green Lanterns and never on just one, so really the Green Lantern movies look like they’ll be more about the Green Lantern Corps"

The Green Lantern Corps are essentially an intergalactic police force, united by the power of the cosmic Green Lanterns. There are several humans that have wielded the rings, that give its user the ability to manifest green constructs, which are only limited by the user's imagination and willpower. There had been earlier rumors that WB was looking to make a superhero team-up movie. Many thought that it may be the Flash and Green Lantern joining forces for a movie. However, it makes a lot of sense to pair up Green Lantern Corps members, such as Stewart and Jordan, to create Lethal Weapon in space essentially. The concept alone would differentiate the property from anything else in the DC cinematic universe.

Collider is a very reliable source, however a story like this could change with the hire of a new director or screenwriter. So we will see if Warner Bros decides to keep the course with the Green Lantern Corps direction, as opposed to a solo film. We hopefully should get some kind of indication at this year's San Diego Comic Con, or sometime after.

So what do you think about the rumored direction of the next Green Lantern movie? Who would you like to see paired up? Who should they cast as Hal Jordan or John Stewart? Let us know below!

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