ByDaniel Martinez, writer at

Miles Morales is now a new big hit, he is very exciting to see in the comic books, but what if he had a movie? Having his own movie would be outrageously good thinking, because he is an black Latino and Marvel or anyone else like DC or any other super her movies have not made any movies like that. It would be a great hit to see him get his own movie, he is very exciting to see now that spiderman is now done, which I think Miles Morales should take over the Marvel ultimate spiderman spot. He is a out going new spiderman who is young but young is what everybody should be looking for it gives us a new evolution and excitement of a new hero who's keeping spiderman alive with being a new and improved spiderman with a new power that spiderman didn't have. He can turn invisible unlike the old spiderman who couldn't do that. Now listen spiderman was great I mean it but its the samething over and over again with spiderman we already know what's going to happen, but Miles Morales is a part of Shield now with Nick Fury, Iron man, Spider women, and Hawk eye which the old spiderman wasn't now that wasn't very exciting, if we give Miles Morales a chance he's going to make a mark and make more movies to come we need him this is a new evolution of spiderman we need to take advantage and make Miles Morales that guy.


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