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We all know that the previous Green Lantern movie went a flop. In part due to poor writing, Partly due to excessive CGI and partly because the Hero was not that popular.

Considering the GL movie will come out 5 years from now, in the DC Cinematic Universe established canon, as long as the writing is good, the movie will go a hit.

However here is what i think should happen if they really want to sell the GL franchise to the audience.

According to me, they should make use of the multiple Green Lanterns in different capacities, the way they are used in the comics.

The epic logo.
The epic logo.

So during the JL movies, we could have a relative unknown actor playing the role of Jon Steward or another GL. This way, WB still keeps their cost low and already introduces the GL character to the audience.

After which, We could have a big name movie star, like Bradley cooper or maybe someone else, play the role of Hal Jordan in the GL Solo movie. He could make some cameos in the other team up movies, but mainly have his own stand alone universe within the DCU.

The logic being, the movie isn't about the JL or Earth. It's about this standalone movie star acting in a si-fi space franchise about inter galactic police officers trying to save the universe (set within the DCU)

This would help make the franchise a standalone hit and make GL a huge superhero ( if the scripts are good obviously )

I feel that this could be a possibility all the more because Geoff Johns is now creative head at DC.

He's very close To GL, and he has created such a beautiful universe for the GL corps in his reboot.

What do you think of the idea?

Padron the poor editing, this is the first time I am writing a public post.

Let me know what you think in the comments.


Do you think 2/3 separate GLs makes sense.


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