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I am a comic book absorbing, horror movie lover ( though some areas of horror are too extreme for me). i am a war veteran who is still a kid
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Now on to the characters i am have listed for the Sequel.. Freddy, Jason, Micheal Myers and Pinhead. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to connect all four together and then it hit me one night as i was watching the sixth Halloween movie and saw Micheal Myers wrist.. that symbol. I want them to be connected by blood. They are all relatives in someway or another and all four carry the same sign on their wrist.

Now on to the other characters. We have already started on a few characters in the beginning moments of the last post.. Alice and her son Jacob.. the reason i chose these characters because there story was left open ended. And i wanted this movie to finish that story. Now to tie Jason's story into it i want to bring the story of Tommy Jarvis back to life.. Tommy is much older but is still haunted by nightmares of Jason and lives an isolated existence in a cabin on the other side of Crystal lake. His story picks up after Jason has left to hunt Freddy.

For Micheal Myers i am bringing in Dr. Loomis and an adult Steven Lloyd, the son of Jamie Lloyd. The reason for these characters is that if Micheal Myers is killing Dr. Loomis will always be trailing him and because Steven Lloyd was the only member of the Myers Clan that hasn't died by Micheal's hand. Last but not least Pinhead. He is on a mission to collect not just Freddy but the other two as well but Freddy was the first ti escape him.

The Characters i want in this sequel is the soul of pinhead, Captain Elliot Spencer, who will play a pivotal role towards the end of the movie and Kirsty Cotton the protagonist of the first two Hellraiser movies. The reason for Kirsty is because she is synonymous with Pinhead. For him she is "the one that got away" so to speak. Now on the the family relations of each maniac. I wanted to think of a way that would be realistic to fans of these characters because the one thing you don't want to do is piss off hardcore fans.

On the subject of Jason and Micheal, I decided that the story would reveal them as cousins by blood. The reason is such that they share so many personality traits because there personality is about Zero and they both don't talk and share an insurmountable bloodlust. Freddy connects to them because he is their second cousin and Pinhead is the uncle of Freddy and the great uncle of Jason and Micheal Myers. The blood connection is their sign on their wrists, they were all apart of the same cult but in different generations.

The last characters i chose was the two main protagonists from the first Freddy Vs Jason movie, Will Rollins and Lori Campbell. It would only be fitting to bring these two back for the Sequel. They would be involved because Freddy is invading their children's dreams. I have only one more character to fit in the movie. He is the main character from the second Nightmare on Elm street movie, Jesse. One because he is the literal host of Freddy in the second movie and because his story was left unfinished.

Tell me in the comments if you like it or don't or criticism as well.


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