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Now Loading's sentimental Irishman. I can't stop playing Overwatch, please send help.
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At Moviepilot - it may surprise you to uncover this rather shocking piece of information - we love movies! Throughout our two offices you'll find a cornucopia of varying preferences, cinematic backgrounds, and ultimately a shared love for the medium. We also have the occasional - like myself - video game admirer and music lover. So the arrival of JBL's SB400 Soundbar and Subwoofer system was something to celebrate.

We've already reviewed the technical accomplishments of JBL's device, but as we often like to do here, we thought we'd paint a more personal picture of how it influenced our office space. After all, turning the bass up to 11 (disclaimer: it doesn't really go to 11) with Kanye West blaring 'Black Skinhead' is bound to impact on your workflow. And boy, did it leave an impact!

Soundbar Connected in Berlin's Moviepilot Office
Soundbar Connected in Berlin's Moviepilot Office

Fifa Night Was Extremely Loud

Thanks to the folks at Harman, Moviepilot decided to hold an internal event to celebrate the ridiculous bass that this device delivers. And what better way than to hold a Fifa night?! RIGHT? After all, our own screaming voices will be competing with the sound system for dominance. Needless to say, we were impressed to see that the collective screams from German, Irish, British, Portugese, Brazilian and Polish guys weren't enough to drown out the soundbar.

Music Has Become More of A Collective Experience in the Office

In order to test the capabilities of the JBL SB400, a few of us have taken to playing our favourite sounds through the Bluetooth-enabled device. Working in an atmosphere where everyone is listening to the same music through a great system was a real blast! We've all come in contact with genres of music we'd never really listen to, and its been a really cool experience for the office!

Our Movie-focused Wall in Berlin
Our Movie-focused Wall in Berlin

A sound system for the office has been an awesome improvement and we're delighted to have the JBL SB400 on board. NOW GET BACK TO WORK!!

For more on the system you can check out this article here!


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