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There are many celebrities who openly showcase their close friendships with other fellow celebrities. Some of these BFF's with serious star power include Kelly Osbourne and the late Joan Rivers, actress Cameron Diaz's bond with Nicole Richie and the newly fledged friendship between actress's Eva Longoria and Melanie Griffith, to name a few.

Some celebrities go far further than just buying one another gifts or strolling down Rodeo Drive together to go shopping, these stars have gone to the next extreme and have committed to matching tattoos together.

1. Cara Delevingne and Kelly Osbourne

In 2013 Kelly and Cara were first seen together hanging out and this was the beginning to a very close friendship. Kelly Osbourne showcased their matching tattoos of their sweet little hearts through her Twitter account .

2. Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn

Model Cara seems to be addicted to getting matching tatts with her celebrity chums, here's another one of inkings, this time with fellow model Jourdan Dunn. Take a look at fashion BFFs with the DDs representing the bonding of their last names.

3. Lindsay Lohan, Lily Allen, and Rihanna

On a party night out together, Lindsay and Lilly got these matching "shh..." tattoos. Their friendship was born after Mark Ronson introduced them to each other. But, Rihanna already had this design and the three have now found themselves with unrelated matching tattoos.

4. Lady Gaga and Brian Newman

Lady Gaga and her buddy, jazz musician Brian Newman, got matching tattoos in honor of singer and friend Tony Bennett.

5. Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter

These loved up singers have taken their relationship to a whole new level by getting matching tattoos together.

6. The Lord of the Rings Cast

Take a look at Dominic Monaghan (Merry) and Orlando Bloom (Legolas) with their matching tattoos.

Only the nine actors who played in the Fellowship were deemed worthy of the bonding tattoos; the only exception was Gimli, whose double got the tattoo instead. The tattoo means "nine" in the Elvish language.

Here's Ian Mckellen rocking his design, it is reported that Ian (the oldest cast member) and Elijah Wood (the youngest cast member) held hands when getting the designs:

7. Alanna Masterson and Hilary Duff

The origins behind the tattoo that Hilary and The Walking Dead star Alanna (Tara) share are a little uncertain, but some say it was a celebration for Hilary's comeback single. Whatever the meaning behind this, I think the design is super cute.

8. Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne and Miley Cyrus

This unlikely friendship began early in 2014 when Miley Cyrus tweeted the extravagant frontman to say Happy Birthday.

Miley had been a fan of Flaming Lips for years and must have been thrilled when Wayne replied with his number. Since then, they have appeared on stage together countless times and Miley has even done some work with the frontman.

Now Wayne, Miley and his girlfriend all have matching tattoos.

9. Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson

Johnny and Marilyn have performed on stage together and are very close friends. They have two matching tattoos, the first, in Marilyn Manson's words is “Charles Baudelaire, the flowers of evil, this giant skeleton thing.”

The other is on their wrists:

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine Marilyn said that when people ask:

‘Why did you get that?’ And we say, ‘No reason.’ ”

Johnny Depp and Damian Echols

Johnny Depp also has a matching tattoo with Damian Echols. Damian is one of the ''West Memphis Three,'' a trio who were sentenced to life in prison for the murder of three boys, a crime that they did not commit.

Damian spent 18 long years in prison awaiting his fate on Death Row while celebrity backers Peter Jackson, Eddie Vedder, Dave Navarro and Johnny Depp organized events to help get him out due to flawed evidence. Now Johnny Depp and Damian are super close friends and their friendship has been honored by this tattoo.

10. Steve-O

If you don't know whether a matching tattoo with someone else is a good idea, you can always do what party monster Steve-O did and get a portrait of yourself in all your beauteous glory on your own skin. His tattoo design is hilarious, he really is a total Jackass!


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