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Stephanie Meyer's Twilight novels were a huge cultural phenomenon before the movies were shot, so an enormous percentage of moviegoers had already devoured the books before meeting Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as Belle and Edward for the first time.

While a lot of Twilight fans had plowed through the novels, only a true super fan would notice the subtle differences between the written text and its big screen counterpart, but are you one of them?

Check out the article below and see how many of the subtle differences you picked up!

1. You Always Remember Your First Kiss, Right?

Bella and Edward's first kiss is an enormous deal that is just simmering under the surface waiting to burst free from the moment they set eyes on each other, but this magic moment didn't even happen in the same place in the original and the movie!

In 'Twilight' : In Stephanie Meyer's first novel, Edward and Bella share their first kiss next to Bella's truck after they leave the meadow.

In the movie: In the movie, Edward and Bella share their first momentous liplock in Bella's room.

2. A Tricksy Turning Point

Obviously finding out that Edward is a vampire is a pivotal point of the entire Twilight series, but the consistency here is also totally jumbled between the movie and the novel.

In 'Twilight': If you are one of the devoted fandom who plowed through the Twilight before seeing the movie, you'll remember that Bella revealed she knew Edward was a vampire in the car on the way back to Forks from Port Angeles.

In the movie: In the film, however, Bella makes this crucial revelation in the forest next to Forks high school.

3. Book Learning vs. Werewolf Wisdom

Yes, I know it's not THAT book
Yes, I know it's not THAT book

There are other discrepancies when it comes to Bella's vampiric education, but in the novel a lot more of the knowledge is passed on by word of mouth.

In 'Twilight': Jacob is the one who opens up and tells Bella the legends of his tribe, and in turn reveals that Edward and his family are all vampires.

In the movie: The film shows Jacob telling half of the story and Bella relying on a book she buys in Port Angeles to piece everything together for herself.

4. Who the Hell Is Waylon?

In 'Twilight': Quite simply, he doesn't exist.

In the movie: Waylon plays a jovial and kindly character whose death serves to highlight just how ruthless the vampires can be.

5. Victoria's Secrets

In 'Twilight': The mysterious hunter vampire, Victoria, doesn't utter a single word until Eclipse.

In the movie: In the movie we don't have to wait to hear the "voice that belonged with blond curls and pink bubblegum," Victoria first speaks when they are about murder Waylon in Twilight.

6. Friend Merge

In 'Twilight': In the first novel there is a character named Lauren who isn't a fan of Bella and isn't shy about letting her opinion be known.

In the movie: Lauren was totally written out of the movies as a character in her own right, although aspects of her character were written into Jessica Stanley to create a hybrid of the two.

7. Family Background Check

In 'Twilight': In the original Twilight novel, Bella finds out about the colorful past of the entire Cullen family, including Edward, naturally.

In the movie: Bella never finds anything out about the Cullen's past except for snatching a few details from Edward's lengthly history. Probably not the best foundation for marrying someone!

8. From Stopping Traffic to Stopping Caring

In 'Twilight': In the book Edward stalls traffic so Tyler could have the opportunity to ask Bella to the dance.

In the movie: In the movie, Tyler doesn't even ask Bella to go. I guess two competing lovers were plenty enough for one storyline! Also, there are two dances in the novels and only one prom in the movies, so maybe there simply wasn't enough time to shoehorn his request in.

9. It's Question Time

In the book: In the original Twilight novel, Bella and Edward have assigned "days" where they take in turns to ask each other personal questions.

In the movie: In the movie, only Bella asks questions about the mysterious Edward.

10. Burying the Hatchet

In the book: Mike can't stand Edward because he's jealous of the relationship he has with Bella, and the feeling is mutual.

In the movie: Mike and Edward don't really seem to have too much animosity between each other, except the one time he confronts Bella on the way to the diner when she's meeting her dad for dinner.

11. Where Is the Love?

Probably the biggest bone of contention with Twilight fans was the serious lack of love scenes between Bella and Edward in the movie compared to the books. Obviously with the time constraints of a movie it would look distasteful to have the couple making out all the time, but still!

In the book: There are a lot more moments of passion between Bella and Edward in the novel (I don't have it on hand to check how many) with plenty of kisses and tender moments.

In the movie: Just two paltry kisses.

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