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Warning! Potential Spoilers for Captain America: Civil Warm below!

As we recently found out, new up-and-coming actor Tom Holland will be donning the red and blue spandex and becoming your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. However, when can we actually see him getting involved in some action?

Well, his own personal MCU movie is due to release in 2017, but it's likely we will get a quick glimpse of him before then. As many rumors have suggested, Spidey will be getting involved in Marvel's Civil War, although perhaps not as you would have expected or hoped.

In the original comic books, Spider-Man takes a central, if undecided, role in the conflict between the pro and anti-Superhero Registration Act factions. This is probably where many Spidey-fans hoped the newly repatriated Spider-Man would make his first appearance in the MCU - especially considering we've already had two Peter Parker origin movies. Today, Variety are reporting Spider-Man will appear in Captain America: Civil War, but only in a small cameo role.

Tom Holland
Tom Holland

The trade magazine claims the brevity of Spider-Man's appearance is primarily due to the length of the casting process. Captain America: Civil War is currently deep into filming, which means there was little time to create a role for Spider-Man and then film it. This means, according to Variety, Spider-Man is likely not to feature in a meaningful way, and will only appear in a cameo - perhaps in the credits. Variety report:

Spider-Man is only expected to have a cameo in Captain America: Civil War, so there wasn’t a rush to make a decision since the thesp would only be shooting for about a week.

Currently this news has yet to be confirmed by Marvel, and given the nature of the rumors, it seems unlikely it ever will be. Cameos are often reserved for surprise or secret scenes, and these are hardly ever confirmed by Marvel beforehand.

Captain America: Civil War is due in theaters on May 5th, 2016, while Spider-Man's solo movie will arrive on July 28 2017.

Source: Variety


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