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If you ever want to start a distinctly one-sided fight at a comic-book convention, try shouting "Ryan Reynolds's Green Lantern was better than Bale's Batman."

You might end up having things thrown at you, but odds are you'll also find at least a handful of fans who - despite the prevailing cultural rejection of 2011's Green Lantern - actually agree with the statement. The reason? Well, for one thing, there's always something to love in even the most critically skewered of films, but the main reason is pretty simple - there's a whole lot to love about Green Lantern as a character.

No matter how this image makes you feel inside.
No matter how this image makes you feel inside.

For Reynolds, though, no amount of Comic-Con debate or retrospective reconsideration is going to get him a second chance, it seems. Between his return to Fox's X-Universe in Deadpool, and his casting being largely - and perhaps unfairly - blamed for Green Lantern's failure, his time in the Green Lantern Corps has almost certainly come to an end.

However, what's bad news for Reynolds will soon prove good news for another actor, as it means that one of the most high-profile roles in comic-dom is available - and from the sounds of the latest rumor from Latino-Review, the role may well have already been cast.


Chris Pine Could Well Be Our New Green Lantern

Wait, had no-one told him yet?
Wait, had no-one told him yet?

Y'see, with the San Diego Comic-Con now just weeks away, the word is that DC and Warner Bros. are keen to have their entire Justice League line-up on board - and, crucially, on stage - in time for a big, Con'-defining announcement.

And, from the sounds of it, that's going to include two - count 'em, two - Green of which will be played by Chris Pine.

"Pine was rumored to be a candidate for Hal Jordan way back when we realized Ryan Reynolds would never float in a green suit again, and the rumors of Pine circling Wonder Woman were actually Pine closing in on the role of Hal Jordan."

Which, seeing as Pine's long since proven both his action...

...and geek icon-playing chops...

...would actually make a whole lot of sense.

The most intriguing part for me, though?

He's Not Necessarily Playing Hal Jordan

Ah, Hal. So super-heroic looking.
Ah, Hal. So super-heroic looking.

Now, sure, seeing the new DC Cinematic Universe as an opportunity to reboot Jordan with a new actor would make sense - but there're three good reasons why DC and Warner Bros. might not actually do that.

1. An entire generation of young superhero fans has only ever seen Ryan Reynolds play Green Lantern, and pretty recently at that. Re-casting now - though perhaps likely - is still a risk.

2. The rumors floating around about there being multiple cinematic Green Lanterns have very much left open the possibility that there'll be two, rather than three, Green Lanterns in the DCCU.

3. Pine has already proven himself a master of playing charismatic yet borderline obnoxious - and distinctly rogue-ish - egotists (Hello, James T. Kirk), and that's not really Hal's deal.

All of which means...what exactly? Well:

It's Possible that Chris Pine Could Be Playing a Different Green Lantern


Specifically, that one, just above - Guy Gardner.

Originally Earth's back-up Green Lantern, Gardner has, over the years, proven himself to be both a capable and noble hero...and an unreliable and disruptive asshole.


Which...Chris Pine plays better than almost anyone.

Or, in other words?

If DC and Warner Bros. bring out Tyrese as John Stewart, and then Chris Pine...without saying his character's name...then don't be too surprised if someone else pops out just after, set to play Hal Jordan.

Y'know what? I hear Ryan Reynolds might be available...

What do you think, though?


Which Green Lantern would you like to see Chris Pine play?

via Latino-Review


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