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Today i'm gonna discuss some loose ends and speculations which should need proper attention for a better farewell from Marvel phase 2 . Thor deserves a better solo than The dark World.

7 points to remember before introducing another "Dark world kind spineless scripted" movie

1. Use Heimdall in a better manner - Well Marvel roped in Idris Elba, A better and more bigger actor then Chris Hemsworth. Yet till now he seems underused.
In the AOU during Thor's dream, Heimdall accused Thor for all destruction in Asgard. Maybe that's Just a bad dream or a fear of Thor. But based upon that Dream and noticing the fact that Loki is the Ruler of Asgard and Thor is on Earth, May be Heimdall will accused Thor for the Asgardian Destruction and will play a bigger role this time.

Heimdall is such a well received character and will provide the initial struggle before Thor came back to Asgard during Ragnarok .

i want more screen time and value than jane
i want more screen time and value than jane

2. No Jane more Sif - See we can start the events of Ragnarok by killing Jane in first just 10 minutes .This will even send the Thor on the verge to become little bit serious and Brutal this time which may give audience the true of of Thunder god. Also save the people from boredom.

Audience happy = more money = more Trust upon future.

Win win situation for Marvel.

Seriously people are thinking that maybe Jane foster will become worthwhile to hold Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. But she murdered each and every moment when she shared space with Thor.
On the other hand Lady Sif seems Fan favorite for Lady Thor or to hold Mjolnir during crisis.

Let Jamie Alexander holds the hammer. Title of "Lady Thor" suits upon her more than Jane foster. Provide some more screen to Jane-Sif-Thor's love Triangle during Asgard's destruction.

she deserves hammer------see i told u
she deserves hammer------see i told u

well now you time don't stare
well now you time don't stare

3. Warriors 3 + Balder - Now is the time to add some new character as per the needs of the Ragnarok . We can't actually know how bad-ass warriors 3 can be.

now who is Balder

One of the Norse Gods of Asgard, Balder is the half brother of the Thunder God Thor, companion to the Warriors Three and a loyal follower and son of Odin, ruler of the gods. (source wikipedia)

Maybe i can rule asgard for a while.........
Maybe i can rule asgard for a while.........

So in Ragnarok, Balder can team up with warriors 3 , Heimdall and Thor for the Epic battle of Asgard. Maybe Liam Hemsworth will be delighted to join his brother.

Synopsis of first three points - Please focus on those characters which matters more and use them properly instead focusing on Jane. Concentrate upon a better script and provide some new prospective.

Firstly we need to know what's Ragnarok According to Norse and According to Marvel .

What is Ragnarok ?

According to Norse Mythology - In Norse mythology, Ragnarök is a series of future events, including a great battle foretold to ultimately result in the death of a number of major figures , the occurrence of various natural disasters, and the subsequent submersion of the world in water.

Ragnarök is an important event in the Norse canon, and has been the subject of scholarly discourse and theory.

According to Marvel - When the real Thor was missing in action, presumed dead. Tony Stark took one of his hairs, which he had retained from the first meeting of the Avengers and with the help Reed Richards-Hank Pym created a clone of Thor by Fusing his DNA with STARK technologies. This resulted in Cyborg Thor. The clone was put into action during the superhero Civil War, against anti-registration heroes.

4. Loki- Thanos - As we all know Loki is the ruler of Asgard in the face of Odin, after the events of The Dark World. But somehow Heimdall , Sif and Warrior-3 tries to stop Loki after knowing that Odin is not Odin. (During which jane is killed by Loki)

Loki asked help from Thanos........and Thanos sees the possibility of unleashing something Huge by helping Loki and also get access to Gauntlet.

Infinity Gauntlet
Infinity Gauntlet

Even Feige mentioned that energy Gauntlet is in Odin's Vault.......

There are two different gloves. That was not Odin’s vault that you see at the end.

So Thanos Helped Loki again and lead the path for the Loki to introduce infinity wars either by helping Thanos or just taking revenge from Thanos for using him against his own people.

5. Odin needs to come back -

Well in The dark world Odin died and even director- Hopkins both denied for Odin's come back but Feige said in an interview -:

"Odin will wait for a better farewell. "

So lets assume the whole problem starts when Asgard's loyal find Real Odin and try to up-throne Loki . Loki invites Surtur in the party to destroy everything with the help of Thanos .

Even according to Norse mythology's Ragnarok events, Odin was killed by

Fenrir , a creature of the Asgardian dimension who is said to be an offspring of Loki and the giant Angerboda.
need space during Epic battle to kill Odin
need space during Epic battle to kill Odin

While saving Asgard with Thor, Odin lost his life to Fenrir (according to Ragnarok's Norse prophecy) . This also provide a deserving farewell and an epic death of a God, died in an Act of Valor.

5. Surtur + Frost Giants (the real threat) -
Surtur is the Lord of Muspelheim and King of the Fire Giants. He is a demon of gigantic proportions and one of the greatest threats to Asgard. He wields the powerful Twilight Sword. He'll Destroy the whole Asgard by using spell of "fire and ice" . He joined hands with Frost giants to Destroy whole Asgard due to some Old rivalry with Odin.

This leaves an opportunity for Thanos to take Gauntlet.

I know many fans want to go for CGI Surtur but i think introduce him as someone closer to the body built of Thor and then let his power talks with the expectations of Audience. This will provide better character to Surtur .

But their is a shear need to treat Surtur properly not like Malekith.

See if we leave Loki than under developed villains been a serious problem with Marvel. Also this movie serves the ground for Infinity wars . So their is a need to tied up all the loose ends.



Movie opens with the entry of balder in Asgard and found things suspicious because Thor was supporting Odin in Every affairs . While all the decisions Odin is taken are totally against the image of Odin and Thor.

3 Warrior + Sif + Heimdall are banished from the Asgard or forced to live outside after Odin blamed them for Friggas Death or just suspended them for sometime.

Due to banishment of Heimdall, Real Thor was unable to come back to Asgard as Loki caused some issues with Biforst bridge. Thor has to choose another path or mediums by overcoming many problems but at the End of his journey to Asgard he has to fight with Heimdall where Heimdall accused him for the present situation of Asgard.

While meeting Balder warriors searched and found Odin in DEAD SLEEP , kind off a things from where he can be waked up by some spell or so. They found its Loki all round who's casing all these troubles. Heimdall try to kill him but Loki some how escapes. Thor at the same time join Balder and Heimdall. They all team up against Loki.

Loki ask help from Thanos and teamed up with Surtur. Surtur try to knows the secrets of Asgard from Loki and with the help to Loki release the Frost Giants . Thor on the other hand tried to find the reason behind all these sudden problems and the source of support which Loki is getting. While freeing everyone from Asgardian prison Surtur released Fenrir. Loki in the meanwhile started working for Thanos because Thanos promised him to make the king of Asgard till eternity if Loki provide him Gauntlet.

Now Odin back alive, start stopping Fenrir (show him in a cool manner) and
3 warriors start dealing with frost Giants . Thor Lost his control over Hammer due to some "Talisman" by Loki or Surtur or due to some other reasons like Hammer is not considering Thor due to inner conflicts of Thor.

At this point maybe Sif or Balder carries Hammer against Surtur.
After a while when Thor came back found Balder dead while fighting with Surtur and holding his position against Surtur. But its too late frost Giants also started winning against warriors and Sif. Asgard is totally destroyed never ending giants keep coming. Loki's also wondering that's its not the same Asgard he wants to rule. While stopping giants to let Thor mourn one Warrior died (chinese one) . Loki somehow succeeding in turning giants leader and Surtur against each other by tricks. Their powers contradicting each other somehow stops Surtur destroying further also killing giants in the meanwhile.

Now Odin take extreme steps to change whole battle at once with the Help of Heimdell by trying to send Surtur into some other dimension because it's impossible to kill him.

Suddenly Fenrir attacked Odin and Odin was already week after sending Surtur, Odin died . Last word he said " I forgive everyone , please forgive me too " .

Loki started fighting against the giants by changing into 100's of loki. Sif and Warriors save Thor who mean while get one more Dream which make Thor understand that they all gonna die if they doesn't stop the real one behind all this, THANOS.

Thor shows those power which we have never seen before which arises inside him due to all such inner conflicts. Thor Destroyed all the connections with other dimensions suddenly with his new powers. This even shocked Thanos and Loki.
(Just to ensure he's one of them who can stop thanos, even though not alone but still can stop) Now is the time to reveal some more powers for Thor other than just throwing Hammer.

But in the end Scenes we saw Fenrir standing near the feet of Thanos like his Dog Holding gauntlet in his mouth or hand ( Depends upon his physical look and representation ) .


that's it friends please tell your suggestions and I think balder can be a chance by changing him into beta ray bill somehow . Also tell what to do what not to do for a better Thor 3 .

the last fight
the last fight
i'll come
i'll come


suggestion for BALDER's role- (i don't want to choose any known for this role)


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