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Rob Harris

The X-Files revival fans have been demanding for years is finally in development, but spoilerific plot details have suddenly emerged, leaking critical details about the first episode 6 months before it airs!

X-Files News got their hands on a call sheet for the inaugural episode titled 'My Struggle,' which is set to involve some characteristically bizarre flashbacks. There will apparently be two scenes involving:

"Sharp medical tools pressed into men, women and children and a clean-shaven doctor (played by Giacomo Baessato) inoculating abductees with alien blood."

You can also look forward to two horrific scenes set in the present day, in which a victim of alien abduction lies on a table screaming, with a fetus and a "dead alien full of bullet holes." Delightful.

Looks like The X-Files is returning to its gloriously gruesome form. The new miniseries premieres on January 24, 2016.

[Source: X-Files News]


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