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Jurassic World's terrifying hybrid dinos seemed like a pretty novel idea to me, but it turns out that the origin of the idea actually dates back all the way to 1998, with an awesomely cheesy commercial predicting the plot of the latest film 17 years before it was released!

The laughably dated commercial is sure to get your nostalgia gland throbbing. Check it out:

"We thought we could combine different dinosaur's DNA..."

"But it all went horribly wrong!"

Yes, that is supposed to be a genetically-crossed T-Rex, despite it looking like a blurry puddle of low-rent CGI.

But, as you can tell from the general conceit, this shockingly prophetic commercial basically predicted the future, foreseeing Jurassic World's plot years before it hit screens. Take a look at the full ad below:

Pretty cool, huh? I guess someone was paying close attention to those 'Chaos Effect' toys...

[Source: Birth, Movies, Death]


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