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Does the idea of getting in the dentist's chair seem harrowing beyond belief? For most people it is. The medical equipment looks like implements of torture, not something to help cure your toothache!

I'm afraid this short movie The Root of the Problem isn't going to cure your fear of climbing into the chair, the exact opposite in fact!

Set in the 1950s, the story focuses on a female patient who is waiting to have her wisdom teeth removed, ouch! But, what are the dentist and his assistant hiding from her?

The atmosphere takes a sinister turn once the gas and air is given, and all those scared of needles beware! As the story unfolds it takes a terrifying turn which will leave you reeling.

For all the odontophobes out there, I won't show any pictures showing the creepy dentist plying his trade! It would also give the game away.

Check out the short movie, directed by Ryan Spindell. The Root of the Problem will make you never forget to floss ever again!

source: io9


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