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I love horror films, when I am watching them my mind is blown by how unrealistic, but also how creative some of the story lines can be. No bloody fable is too obscure and writers are always thinking outside of the box with their ideas.

This time the monster comes in the form of some terrifying prehistoric sharks who can swim through snow like water. Let me introduce you to the film Avalanche Sharks, where the victims are a group of spring breakers, sounds like a gruesomely awesome scenario.

The last thing you would expect when enjoying some snowy slopes is for a shark to come bouncing out and chomp you up,it seems there is no safe place on earth when it comes to thrillers. The whole idea of Avalanche Sharks seems laughably ridiculous. Although, I still think that this film will manage mark its place in the horror genre, even if it will have its audience laughing at the scenario

Take a look at the official trailer:

The outrageous horror-thriller stars Alexander Mendeluk (Twilight), Kate Nauta (Paranormal Abduction), Benjamin Easterday (Poseidon Rex), Eric Scott Woods (Sand Sharks) and Kelle Cantwell (Dead Girl) and is directed by Scott Wheeler.

Bikini Snow Day is the busiest day of the year at Mammoth Mountain, and the resort is packed with wild co-eds looking for a good time.
When an unexpected avalanche rumbles down the mountain, it awakens ancient spirits in the form of massive sharks with a taste for human flesh. As the body count begins to pile up, the local sheriff must form an unlikely alliance with a motley crew of locals and tourists in order to kill off the terrifying creatures before it’s too late

Are you ready for the first killing?

The first killing scene looks very Evil Dead inspired, ithey are really paying homage to Sam Raimi (producer of Evil Dead). I find it pretty hilarious how nonchalant the girl is when meeting her demise.

Looks like this guy is going next:

Sharknado is another shark filled film which chomped its way into cinemas back in 2013, its reception was mixed and the story line was just as outrageous. Fans of this film will be pleased that those white tooth beasts are making another debut in Avalanche Sharks.

Avalanche Sharks will bite its way onto Digital HD and On Demand on June 30th.

Source: Bloody Disgusting


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