ByOlivia van der Will, writer at

I remember when I first saw David Bowie in Labyrinth and being totally enchanted by his character and the awesomely bizarre movie. The Goblin King is a character that is very iconic and never easily forgotten.

Various cosplayers have tried their hand at portraying the charismatic Jared, many of them have been entirely epic, but one cosplayer recently has pulled out all the stops with her version of The Goblin King.

Let me introduce you to the fantastic Goblin Queen a.k.a. Ebony Amber:

I love Ebony's spin on the Goblin King, here she is bringing her own unique twist on the outfit, it really looks fantastic.

The location is perfect for the Goblin Queen photo shoot. Ebony Amber's outfit is extremely close to Jareth's but with her own unique twist too:

Just look at the attention to detail with the outfit and that beautiful coat!

But what about that famous crotch bulge?

The bulge of Jareth is almost as iconic to the movie as the face of David Bowie who plays the Goblin King:

Here's Hoggle wondering what on earth IS that bulge?

In this scene the characters are entirely oblivious to the protruding bulge:

But Ebony makes up for this by her incredible creativity in her making of her outfit:

If fans are going to go ahead and cosplay The Goblin King himself, they must not forget the finer or rather, the bigger details of the costume. Although, this point aside I think that Ebony Amber has created a fantastic cosplay of Jareth and I cannot wait to see more of her cosplaying skills!


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