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There are some characters in films that are easy to cosplay, then there are those that are awesome but a tad harder to work into an outfit, today however Redditor glimmerlady has managed to pull off one of the coolest and most elegant cosplays I've seen in recent times.

After seeing Jurassic World glimmerlady was inspired to create a cosplay outfit one of her favorite dinosaurs, the Dilophosaurus. Now if the name Dilophosaurus doesn't bring an image of a dinosaur immediately to your mind, then the wonderful frill on the neck of this dress will do the trick:

Yep that's right, she cosplayed the badass little dino who is responsible for the demise of the evil Dennis Nedry from the original film, Jurassic Park. The black-gunk-spitting dino is pretty iconic, definitely up there with the sick Triceratop and Rexy!

Readers who have already seen Jurassic World will also recognize the Dilophosaurus from its cameo appearance in the second half of the film.

Check out a few more photos of that brilliant dress here:

Source: Reddit via Fashionably Geek


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