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As a recent "leak" regarding Red Dead Redemption 2 outlined here, a character creation system could be something to enter the Red Dead universe. The leak is obviously fake, but the idea of having Rockstar create two out of three characters for you to play - with the third being left up to you - is a really interesting idea. One which I wonder Rockstar will actually incorporate.

Saints Row is probably the closest open world game in relation to the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Of course, the most recent addition to the series allowed you to play as a superhero, but that's besides the point. In Saints Row we're allowed to create the protagonist of the game and then fit them out with several different voices that are available. Could GTA 6 incorporate a similar system? Or should Rockstar stick to scripted characters?

Should GTA 6 stick to characters like Franklin?
Should GTA 6 stick to characters like Franklin?

GTA 6, Saints Row & Character Creation

Rockstar are great at writing characters and there's no game more indicative of that than GTA V...or is there? I actually think that Red Dead Redemption achieved more in some respects, as rather than simply making every person a caricature like in GTA V, the people in Red Dead feel more real.

But that's just me! In any case, the developer has been creating characters for years, and I wonder whether they'd be willing to give players control over the looks of one of their creations. If GTA 6 returned with the 3 character system we saw in GTA 5; allowing us to manipulate the looks of one of those people would be insanely cool! Though perhaps the weird creations that we'll undoubtedly make won't fit into the carefully structured worlds that Rockstar builds.

Saints Row
Saints Row

Saints Row encourages madness and their character creation system is indicative of the freedom and insanity that this series celebrates. Though perhaps that's not really what works for Rockstar. Red Dead Redemption wouldn't be as powerful if John Marston could look however we want him to. It wouldn't be the same - though perhaps that's just nostalgia and hindsight talking. Maybe GTA 6 would work just as well as Mass Effect does in terms of creating a character.

But what do you think GTA fans? If you could manipulate a character on the release date of GTA 6 would that interest you? Or should Rockstar stick to scripting their characters in every capacity? Trevor wouldn't be the character we all know if we could change his looks... Let us know in the comments below!


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