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Warning: If you haven't read the books, these images contain spoilers. Scroll at your own risk!

It might be months before The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 lands in cinemas, but some super creative fans just can't wait that long, goddamit!

While they have been daydreaming about the upcoming movie and rereading their books for the seventh times, these mega fans have somehow managed to find the time to produce some serious awesome works of art, but which one is your favorite?

A True Work of Art

Image by PhetVanBurton

This rendition of the Mockingjay smashing the system of Capital is so emotive and artistic. Down with Snow!

The Look of Courage

Image by kim-beurre-lait

Can you believe this gorgeous digital painting of Katniss isn't a photo?!

May Your Arrows Fly True!

Image by Tapioca Draws

Looking into the eyes of the revolutionary bird for inspiration.

Katnis and Peeta's Second Big Lip Lock

Image by: Shinku-chan

This cute anime style really manages to capture the raw emotion of Katniss and Peeta's epic kiss.

Bloody Revolt

Image by NarutoAndDeidaraRox

This graphic symbolism of the bloodshed that will be required before the Mockingjay soars is not for the fainthearted.

True Love Never Dies

Fan art might be love, but it has nothing on this epic display of devotion.

Peeta's Pain

Image by Somelarder

Peeta's soulful eyes can't help but draw you in.

Burning for Justice

Image by RevolutionMockingjay

All of the fandom has your back, Katniss!

Poster Dreaming

I can't really think of a worse game to play, tbh!

All That Could Be...

Image by kim buerre lait

I'd be happy to see this awesome fan made poster outside cinemas!


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