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When you're watching a horror movie, are you one of those people who can't help but shouting out the pretty stupid decisions made by the soon-to-be-brutally-murdered? Well, if you are, you can try out your own luck in the new interactive real-time game developed for the upcoming Scream MTV series.

Despite featuring some atrocious acting and rather silly storyline (but I guess that's all part of the fun), the game is actually pretty well done. Now is your chance to see if you would be the last one standing in a horror movie:

Although this fun (and bloody) little game will probably adhere some horror fans to the Scream series, it has a lot of ground to make up. The first trailer and images for the show - which Wes Craven was not directly involved with - courted controversy by doing away with the Ghostface killers iconic mask. Let's hope it can redeem itself once the actual show premieres on June 30th.

P.S. While we're all still here, this seems like the perfect opportunity to shill Moviepilot's own Create Your Own Horror Adventure written by your's truly. It really is rather good.

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