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MTVs Scream TV series got off to a rocky start after it enraged fans by messing with the iconic mask, but will these four new compelling characters be enough to redeem the show?

The MTV team have released four character introduction videos for some of the unfortunates who are going to get seriously slashed, and they all give a knowing nod to stereotypical horror tropes, just like in the original Wes Craven masterpieces.

The Innocent.

Willa Fitzgerald plays Emma, the Innocent who stands the biggest chance of being the 'final girl' when the last drop of high school blood has been shed

The Fool

John Karna plays Noah, the comic relief from all of that tireless whimpering, sobbing and screeching a slasher demands. Sorry, Noah, but not matter how good you are you will never replace my beloved Randy (R.I.P.)

The Jocks

Tom Maden and Connor Wiel are the token jocks of the new Scream TV show, but does that mean that their characters, Jake and Will, could have blood on their hands like in the original?

The Loners

The wonderfully named Amadeus Serafini and Bex Taylor-Klaus will keep us all guessing as the mysterious loners of the show. Will Kieran and Audrey's silence by golden or sinister though?

(Source: Shock Til You Drop)


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