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The other night I was watching The Expendables 3 on Netflix.

Yeah, it wasn't great, but it’s the kind of movie I enjoy; guns, explosions, martial arts and cheesy one-liners. While watching this, I noticed something. Something that, when I thought about it, made total and complete sense.

Kellan Lutz should be our next Wolverine.

I’m sure that the man has been mentioned on here before via a top five actors to take over Hugh Jackman article or different opinion pieces. But go watch The Expendables 3, well the first two acts anyway, and you’ll see why he’d make a great shout.

Future Wolverine?
Future Wolverine?

His stern facial expressions, attitude and unwavering ability to not take orders instantly took me back to 2000, the year we were introduced to Jackman’s take on the cigar loving mutant.

Yeah, okay, Lutz hasn’t got the biggest CVs in terms of staring in feature films or successful ones (I'm including the Twilight Saga – not a fan), but he would fit right in to Marvel/Fox’s X-Men world and it could be a perfect opportunity to ‘do a Chris Pratt’, a somewhat unknown actor that suddenly gets fast tracked to the A-List because of one film.

But what I like about him is, he has that certain swagger that I can relate to Logan, that kind of mentality to be a badass one minute and a hero the next. He’s a year younger, roughly, than HJ was when he first donned the claws, so age is no problem there whatsoever.

The only problem, would the fans take to him? Most will, undoubtedly, compare who gets brought in and rightly so, to HJ. He’s set the bar for how Wolverine should be played, physically and mentally. Like Robert Downey Jr – he is Tony Stark, Jackman is Logan.

He’ll be a miss when he wraps the unnamed 2017 Wolverine movie, but like Spider-Man, Batman, Superman etc, a fresh approach to characters happens in Hollywood. The only thing that matters is, whoever gets put in charge of casting, they get the right guy for the job and my vote is to Kellan Lutz.

First article here and thought I'd get stuck in!

Who do you think should take over as The Wolverine, bub?


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