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it all started when the zombies were all over and there was a doctor who wanted to do some experiment on living humans,injecting them with the zombie virus,the first subject and second died but the third survived after been injected he was bitten by six zombies which proves that he is now immune to their bit,and he is the only one who can save mankind.some group living human took it upon them to save the man know as patient zero with the help of an agent named citizen z an his dog in an NSA site.he discovered he could walk among zombies and they wouldn't attack him. later Patient Zero is seen shedding his skin, hair and teeth, and his eyes have a Zombie-like tinge to them. He is seemingly turning into a human-zombie hybrid that even zombies fear. He is also capable of commanding zombies and mentally controlling humans after biting them.

they all got to a lab including patient zero,where they did a decontermination shower before going in and must also do so before going out,In the finale,patient zero is seen leaving the containment lab without proper decontamination, propelling several nuclear warheads to launch weapons at the lab, including the NSA site that Citizen Z operates from, along with his dog,leaving his friends in there to die..............AWAITING SEASON 2

Why would he do that?????


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