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The horror anthology has been a big part of the genre since the 2007 release of Trick-r-Treat, but sadly none of them have lived up to the level of creativity and general feel of the film. That has all changed thanks to a group of guys from Kentucky, P.J. Starks, Nathan Milliner, Jakob Bilinski and Todd Martin and their creation, Volumes of Blood.

Armed with an incredible cast that consisted of Kristine Renee Farley (Happy Hooker Bang Bang), Jim O'Rear (The Deepening), Roni Jonah (Hell House), Jason Crowe (The Zombie Movie), Jakob Bilinski (Obsolescene), P.J. Starks (A Mind Beside Itself), Kevin Roach (Happy Hooker Bang Bang) and a host of other young talent and an incredible script, Volumes of Blood has finally given horror fans the anthology film they have craved.

With so many different storylines and minds combining into one film, one of two things will happen, either the film will falter and nothing will work or all of the elements will fall into place and the outcome will blow your mind. Volumes of Blood is definitely the latter of the two. Typically with anthology films, a few segments will be fantastic whereas a couple may make you hit the "skip ahead" button, I didn't have the urge to skip anything with this film. I wanted every moment. Every segment was just as phenomenal as the last.

There were obvious nods to the slasher films of yesterday, and I for one appreciate that. The slasher sub-genre has seen reboot after reboot, but nothing original that truly pays respects to it since Adam Green's Hatchet films. Volumes of Blood gives the unapologetic nod to films such as Friday the 13th, Halloween, Scream and many others shining a bright, new light on a beloved genre. It is refreshing, to say the very least.

Independent films are notorious for over dramatics and more times than not, bad acting. The cast of Volumes of Blood delivered a great performance with just the right amount of dramatics and over-the-top slasher film flare that we all love. There are times in the film, the opening scene in particular that calls for a bit more dramatic height for the simple reason of paying homage to the '80s slasher film style. It was done brilliantly with just the right touch of B-movie, slasher, damsel in distress drama.

opening scene
opening scene

I can't find a single element to complain about, and that is a rarity for me, especially with this type of film. Kudos to the entire cast and crew for finally making an independent horror anthology film that fans will want to see again and again. Bring on Volumes of Blood 2!

If you have yet to experience the genius that is Volumes of Blood, you can catch it at a horror convention or film festival near you! For further details on when and where you can see the films, like the VOB Facebook page and follow the film's twitter page, @VolumesofBlood.

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