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Netflix is way ahead of its competitors in Australia, including Stan, Foxtel, and Quickflix.

Netflix Inc. is the online streaming giant in the video streaming industry. Ever since its inception, the company has provided the best online video content services in an attempt to ‘cut the cords’ of viewers. With the rising trend of online businesses, the streaming service is looking to change the traditional television era to internet television era.

Recently, the company has been focusing mostly on expansions in order to expand its global reach. It is currently available in more than 50 countries and more than 60 million paid subscribers. The corporate giant is the market leader and no domestic or international streaming service has come close to it yet.

Netflix diversified catalog of online movies and TV shows provides the unlimited entertainment offerings, which is quite unmatchable in terms of pricing and titles. Its recent expansion was in Australia where it was said to be a much-hyped one. Australian users were waiting for a long time and deeply requested to bring Netflix in their region. The company decided to fulfill their wishes and provided a date of March 24 to enter the Australian market.

Prior to its launch in the region, the company not only made many rivals and enemies, but also registered huge number of subscribers on its platform through VPN. It is believed that more than 340,000 Australian users subscribed to the streaming service via VPN, which it did not appreciate at any cost. It made a successful entry in the new market where the local established companies were already in total control of the streaming industry.

Many rumors floated that the company is yet to surpass the existing local streaming services in the region. However, the latest updates suggest that Netflix is miles ahead of them. Being the largest online video content service provider, it has ten times more Australian subscribers when compared to Stan, Foxtel, and Quickflix.

A research firm, named as Roy Morgan, posted new numbers on its customers in the region, which suggested that the streaming giant is undoubtedly the leader of the market.

March was the first month of the company in Australia and it was on top of the charts since then. By April, it managed to get more than 766,000 subscribers and nearly 296,000 households had Netflix. In May, it has now more than a million subscribers.

Gizmodo reports, “According to Roy Morgan, Netflix in Australia now has 1,039,000 subscribers in 408,000 households around the country.”


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