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Movies have had such a huge impact on my life and I'd imagine that they have had on yours too, otherwise why would you be on a site that is called Moviepilot? Not a day goes by that I don't reference a movie in some kind of way, from the moment I wake up before I put on my make up, I say a little prayer for you: My Best Friends Wedding. Julia Roberts. I saw that movie ONE TIME when I was 12, that was 18 years ago and I still remember that scene and that's what I mean when I say they've had a huge impact on my life. I've got this kind of Rain Man memory for quotes and scenes, they never leave my head, constantly just bouncing round waiting to be used and sometimes over and over again. For about 3 months I played a game with my girlfriend saying movie quotes and making her guess what movie they are from but little did she know that every quote was either from Aladdin or Die Hard: With a Vengeance it was a great game, up until she noticed a pattern and just started guessing one or the other. Try it out sometime and see how long it takes your significant other to realise you're only quoting two movies. Although I digress, this isn't an article about ways to annoy your spouse this is an article about my ALL TIME favourites and when I use the words ALL TIME I mean that. I made this decision when I was quite young and because I'm a stubborn a-hole no matter how good a movie is these days it can never be my ALL TIME favourite movie because those slots have already been filled and if I could replace them with new movies then that would by definition make them not my ALL TIME favourite movies. So kick off your shoes, slip on your current favourite pj's (cos nobody has ALL TIME favourite pj's) and crack open a beer because we are taking a trip down memory lane to look at my three ALL TIME favourite movies, and if you're asking yourself "Is he going to shout ALL TIME every time?" the answer is yes, yes I am.

Toy Story:

Since these decisions were all kind of made round about the same time in my life, basically when I was around 10 I shall start with the one that makes the most sense to my childhood and that has to be Disney Pixar's first fully CGI animated movie Toy Story. I think we have all seen it but here's a brief synopsis anyways, Toy Story is a movie about a young boy called Andy who has his favourite toy, a little cowboy called Woody but Woody clearly isn't his favourite toy of ALL TIME because Andy's birthday has arrived and all the other toys live in fear of being replaced and that's exactly what happens when a new state of the art space ranger called Buzz Lightyear comes in and Woody is very quickly brushed to the side. Woody does what any sane, rational toy would do in this situation and tries to murder Buzz but ends up being exiled by all the other toys. How very 'Lord of the Flies' from this point on it's a race against time for Woody to bring Buzz home before Andy and his Mother move to a new home. Hilarity ensues. When this movie came out I was obsessed with it because I was a 10 year old boy who had loads and loads of toys and I was convinced that they were alive, even before this movie came to fruition (I think every kid thought it at some point) I remember seeing it for the first time and I couldn't believe my eyes, everything I had imagined as a kid was coming to life right in front of me. I was overwhelmed and could barely comprehend the fact that this movie wasn't real. I was like Buzz Lightyear when he thought he was a Space Ranger, I refused to accept the truth and this led me down a path that made people think that I was one of those children.. y'know the ones that "Can't get right" but it was nothing more than an over active imagination that later in life lead to me doing a lot of creative writing and becoming the bubbling pot of ideas that I am today. If I'm completely honest though, I still have my Woody doll and I still keep a close eye on him at all times. Never did get that Buzz Lightyear with karate chop action though. !

From Dusk Till Dawn:

Next up would be a movie that no 10 year old should ever watch and probably no 18 year old should ever watch but it's the goretastic, slasher, thrasher, vampire f*ck fest that is 'From Dusk Till Dawn' now there is a reason for me seeing this movie at such a young age and that reason is, well... I pretended to be asleep whilst staying with my aunt and uncle and lay on the living room couch with one eye open engrossed in gore. I grew older though and for a long time I never saw the movie again. It was hard for a 10, 11 or even 12 year old to get his hands on a VHS copy of an 18 movie in 1996 and it's not like Google had been invented yet and if it was nobody had a house big enough to fit a computer that could run it in. When I'd hit about 13 or 14 though I did manage to get my hands on a VHS copy of Reservoir Dogs and that put me on the trail of From Dusk Till Dawn because as I mentioned earlier, that Rain Man memory thing for movies recognised Tarantino's ugly mug and knew that I had to track the movie down. This lead to a good few years of visits to Blockbuster video with my Dad trying to convince him of how great a movie it was and that he should totally rent it for me had it have ever been there but alas the search continued for so long it became my holy grail of movies. Nowhere seemed to stock it for whatever reason until one fateful day in a second hand charity shop there it was sitting sitting behind a broken game of Hungry Hungry Hippos and a massive boxset of Tales From The Crypt Keeper. I knew what I had to do and in true fashion did my best pitiful face and convinced my Dad to buy it for me, he did and we both left happy as Larry with a new movie for us to enjoy together. Now a little background on my childhood, my Dad is a minister of the Christian faith and I was raised very religiously and movies like From Dusk Till Dawn are dangerous territory for people like my Dad but I took the risk anyways and couldn't not let him watch it because after all, it's technically his movie. Brief synopsis time, From Dusk Till Dawn is kind of two seperate movies, which is actually my favourite thing about it, it starts off with two bank robbing brothers on the run from the police and as your movies heroes they really are not that likeable. One is an angry, smart ass, control freak while the other is well.... a rapist. How are we even meant to like these guys? They have to get across the border to meet an associate who will help them with finding sanctuary in Mexico, the only catch is they have to meet at a bar and wait the night, from when the sun goes down till it comes back up (catchy title, surprised they didn't call it that) They hijack a family to get across the border and take them with them to the bar to ensure that they don't rat them out. It's a great movie from beginning till this point and it only gets better because as it turns out, the bar is an ancient feeding ground for some crazy ass demonic looking vampires. This film just changes from this point from criminals on the run to vampire slayers in about thirty seconds, it's a great twist... titty twist (watch the movie, understand this joke) and if you love movies with extreme violence, boobies and Cheech Marin playing three different roles (cos he's such a varied actor) then give this bad boy a watch because it set itself firmly as one of my ALL TIME favourite movies, not only because it's amazing but because of the personal quest I had to go on to get my hands on it.

Forrest Gump:

Last but not the least in this list is another from Tom Hanks and there's basically a rule with Tom Hanks movies. PREPARE YOUR TEAR DUCTS! There's barely a movie he has done that doesn't upset me in some way or another, for example what other actor could make you feel sad about a grown man losing a volleyball? EXACTLY! WIIILLSSOONN!! But this movie was out long before Tom Hanks was Castaway, it doesn't have such a big back story with me travelling the world to get a copy of it. No, this was just a good old fashioned watched it, fell in love with it and cried at the end of it. It's a simple movie about a simple man called Forrest Gump, who's Mama does everything she can to make sure that Forrest has a normal life "Is there a Mr. Gump, Mrs. Gump?" you see, Forrest is a bit special. If I had a graph with a line on it showing you just how special then I would use it........ What do ya know. There it is.
Your boy's... different, Ms. Gump. His IQ's 75.
Your boy's... different, Ms. Gump. His IQ's 75.

Forrest grows up learning little life lessons from his Mama that will take him through a journey of life that puts him at practically every historical moment in American history from saving his whole platoon in Vietnam to meeting John Lennon and inadvertently writing the lyrics for 'Imagine' for him. All the while trying and failing to impress his neglectful childhood love Jenny who has an adventure of her own which doesn't really compare to the life that Forrest leads. This film is just beautiful in every single way and I can't fault it, I know that people have hated on it and I don't really mind or care if someone has different opinions from me cos Mama says that "opinions are like a-holes, everybody's got one!" my my Mama was a little more crude than Forrest's. It takes a journey through pretty much all of his life and with every little adventure he goes on he gets that one step closer to being with his Jenny and that's the kind of dedication and love that you could only get from a man as dumb as Forrest Gump. If you haven't seen it get it watched and remember you'll need some hankies for the ending.

Now you may have read all of this or you may have just read some of it but I'm pretty sure you're wondering "Well Davey, is there any point to all of this?" Well. Yes, actually (I know, even I'm surprised at that). It's not just a collection of my three favourite movies of ALL TIME picked at random it's a mix and the reason that it's these three movies isn't actually because of the movies themselves but it's because of the contrasting tone of all of these movies. I could have easily said that my three favourite movies are Iron Man, Avengers Assemble and Guardians of the Galaxy but then that wouldn't be much fun now would it? (YES I KNOW IT WOULD SHUT UP OK!!) But the point is that there is not really a certain taste or type of movie that you should stick to, if it's movies you are interested in then please live by this mantra "Every movie deserves a chance!" if someone went out there and put their time money and effort to make it, then you can take the time to watch it and it won't even hurt you in any way (except if it's Batman & Robin, I was in hospital with Batnipitis for three weeks) Don't limit yourself or your tastes, don't let others make your decisions for you, read reviews but don't let them make up your mind, go see the movies and write your own reviews. Movies are my passion, my life and my love. Treat them with the respect they deserve.

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