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The Academy Award Winning team behind Argo will reportedly collaborate once again for the next Batman solo film which is being targeted for a November 2018 release. Chris Terrio (Argo), who also took over the '[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)' screenwriting role from David Goyer, is said to be writing the script to the reportedly titled 'The Batman' as well.

Latino Review claims that Ben Affleck himself, acclaimed director of 'Argo', 'The Town', and 'Gone Baby Gone', is set to direct the newest solo Batman film.

Affleck on the set of 'Argo'
Affleck on the set of 'Argo'

With Warner Brothers in full swing, attempting to compete with Marvel Studios increasingly popular Marvel Cinematic Universe, a solo Batman film is incredibly important; and with Affleck at the helm the film is set to be in good hands.

It looks as if Ben and company will have their hands full for a few years to come.

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