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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

We reportedly have news as to who our next Green Lantern to be. Chris Pine, despite multiple rumors, will not be Gal Godot's Love interest Steve Trevor, but will be the next one to portray the Green Lantern! Chris Pine was a fan favorite in Multiple Fan castings for the role but not many expected there to be much chance. But today a rumor was leaked out Suggesting that there may be some reality to these Fan Casts.

Will Chris Pine be a good Hal Jordan?

Many fans wanted Chris Pine to be cast for the role of Green Lantern, but reports of DC going down the road of John Stewart, hopes were put to rest. Chris Pine was also reportedly cast as Wonder Woman's love interest Steve Trevor, which many felt was a Waste of his talent. His Talent is definitely off the charts. Chris Pine definitely has the acting ability to play Hal Jordan and he he could be perfect for the role.

Green Lantern is off to save the day
Green Lantern is off to save the day

What about John Stewart?

The power of the ring...
The power of the ring...

Reports initially suggested that John Stewart would be our Green Lantern and not Hal Jordan. Now that Chris Pine is set to play Hal Jordan, it's over for John Stewart right? Wrong, Rumor has it that DC will use 3 Green Lanterns in the DC Cinematic Universe. Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Guy Gardner will be the 3 Green Lanterns we may see on screen. I am liking the Idea of 3 separate Green Lanterns. It is hard to pick just one of them, John Stewart and Hal Jordan were always my personal Favorites. Hopefully this is true and we see all 3 on screen!

How do you feel about Chris Pine as Green Lantern? Are you Surprised? What do you think about 3 Green Lanterns? Let me know down below here in the Comments!



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