ByBaldwin Collins, writer at
Baldwin Collins

There is Exclusive media news out that Ava Duvernay director of selma has been hired by marvel studios to direct the possible black panther movie, It was speculated earlier on this 2015 she was approached by marvel studios for a possible hiring of her directional skills. However it seems that she's agreed to bring her own unique vision to the marvel cinematic universe according to media roports.

There also seems to be hint's of Wakanda scenes already filmed which is still speculation according to online scenes showing african/american film exra's posing in an african setting probably on locations in Nigeria or Uganda, Maybe scenes for captain america : civil war. I personally would love to see a stand alone movie which is not possible until july 6. 2018.

SO in the mean time fans have to look forward in seeing new star Chadwick Boseman make his first appearance as the black panther in captain america : civil war next year 2016. Do you want to see a stand alone black panther movie ?


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