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For some time now there have been many speculations that we will get a live action movie made after the beloved anime series "Attack on Titan". Well, while we were waiting, begging for a miracle to happen, the team behind "Attack on Titan" was actually working hard.

Ya know what? Enough talking! Just watch the trailer!

Oh...wasn't that just beautiful?

Tetsuya Nakashima was originally selected to direct the film, with a public announcement on December 8, 2011. It was announced by December, 2012 that Tetsuya Nakashima has dropped out of the project due to creative differences. On December 4, 2013 a public announcement was made that the movie project will begin again with Shinji Higuchi as the film's director.

Now let's take a look at the cast, shall we?

First of all, the lead role of Erin was given to Haruma Miura. Next up, his sister, Mikasa, is going to be played by Kiko Mizuhara. Then we have Hiroki Hasegawa as Shikishima, Kanata Hongo as Armin, Takahiro Miura as Jean, Nanami Sakuraba playing Sasha, Satoru Matsuo as Sannagi, Satomi Ishihara as Hans, Pierre Taki as Souda, Jun Kunimura as Kubal, Rina Takeda playing Lil, Shu Watanabeas as Fukushi and Ayame Misaki as Hiana.

Oh! And, of course, a lot of SGI for the titans.

Hajime Isayama, the writer of the manga, will also be there to make sure everything is as he imagined.

Filming began May, 2014 and finishes August, 2014. Shooting locations include Hashima Island in Nagasaki Prefecture, Kumamoto Prefecture, Ibaraki Prefecture and Toho studio.

This is all the information available for now but I'm sure we will find something more soon enough.


Are you excited about the "Attack on Titan" movie?


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