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It's summer blockbuster season, but that doesn't mean all your movie going experiences need to be tied to the theater! In fact, if Hollywood's latest spiel isn't doing it for you, there's always the new releases on Blu Ray and DVD to add to your collection! Jurassic World didn't didn't impress you? Here are a few titles new and old that are available for you to own right now! Don't find something you like? Check out last week's round-up!

While We're Young

Adam Driver looks odd and I don't mind at all!
Adam Driver looks odd and I don't mind at all!

Noah Baumbach's higher profile followup to Frances Ha retains his laser sharp observations of the existential quandaries faced by Generation X, yet adds the more palatable elements of indie rom coms. Basically, it has Adam Driver, but it also has Ben Stiller. It has some genuine laughs, but you'll either get paranoid about how much cooler younger people are, or paranoid about how cool people your age are. Either way, get paranoid!

The Gunman

Wow. Movie titles really have simplified to the point of embodying the bare basic concepts going on in the story. After The Gunman, expect titles like "Car Guy" and "Life Person". Pierre Morel's action thriller depicts Sean Penn as a Sniper and Javier Bardem as his veritable eyes and ears. It's the usual fare of a lone man turning against the system that made him, and boy does Sean Penn look tired!


I'll stick up for Mila Jovovich with every chance I get. It's not her fault that she's consistently starred in movies by her husbands who want to exhibit her as a sexy unstoppable badass. A movie like Survivor gives her a chance to star in a more realistic role (well, comparatively realistic). It's kind of The International by way of the Bourne movies. Bear in mind, though, it's still the kind of film that will have a shot containing Big Ben, the River Thames, and the London Eye, and still let you know in text that you're now in "London".

Get Hard

Oh Will Farrell, you!
Oh Will Farrell, you!

Ever watch Orange Is the New Black and think "this needs more men and Will Farrell!" Well no one else did either, but Get Hard still got made! The premise of Will Farrell getting done for fraud and having to toughen up for jail, and being schooled by Kevin James who is posing as an ex con opens up the potential for some interesting examinations of racial and social divides, but hey, you know that's not where it's going. Basically, it's The 25th Hour but not as funny.

And now for a few blasts from the past making their first appearance on Blu Ray!

Mission Impossible Quadrilogy: Tom Cruise almost but not quite redefines the spy genre, but makes up for it all by running away from things!

Vanilla Sky: Tom Cruise almost but not quite perfects the method of adapting European art movies, and makes up for it by having really nice hair!

Dog Soldiers The movie that put a horribly dark twist on the line "there is no spoon", and haunted a younger me for months. On further watching, this is a fun black comedy that's as scary as it is inventive. Neil Marshall (now praised for directing the more bombastic episodes of Game of Thrones) kicks his career off to a great start in this SAS vs werewolves romp!

That's all for this week! Watch this space in future for more DVD & Blu Ray updates here on MoviePilot!


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