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The villains of Harry Potter were some of the scariest of my childhood. After reading a particularly creepy chapter, I found it nearly impossible to fall asleep with the visions of Voldemort's red eyes burned into my memory.

When the Harry Potter movies were released, the evil nightmare characters of my childhood were finally brought to life. But as scary as the costumes and makeup might have them appear, the various Death Eaters and general baddies (or bad guys turned good) of the Harry Potter universe look like total sweethearts once they break character.

Here are 19 times we got to see the Harry Potter villains as total softies once they were off camera:

1. When Lord Voldemort pulled this silly face (and had a nose)

2. When Lupin and Snape let bygones be bygones and put their pasts behind them

3. When Bellatrix gave Harry a quick peck on the cheek

4. When Lucius apologized for tapping Harry just a bit too hard

5. When Dumbledore showed Bellatrix how cool his wand is

6. When the Malfoy's had a sweet sing-along moment

7. When Draco nearly convinced Hermione to join the Death Eaters by wooing her on the dance floor

8. When Draco revealed what was really going on in that bathroom scene

9. When Ron showed off his not-so-secret love for Draco

10. And Draco reciprocated

11. When Voldemort and Dumbledore put aside their difference long enough to have a civil chat

12. When Draco stopped Harry from revealing an embarrassing moment

13. When Bellatrix Lestrange and Harry Potter shared a nice moment

14. When Dumbledore convinced Snape to switch sides because the Order's dance moves are far better than those of the Death Eaters

15. When Hermione and Bellatrix shared a tender moment, even though there were knives involved

16. And then shared a laugh between takes

17. When Bellatrix was so over Voldemort's blabbing

18. When good and evil came together to take a nice picture

19. When Draco remembered Fenrir Greyback for the kind soul he really was

Dave & I on Half Blood Prince, he was sometimes scary on the outside but was always soft on the inside. A sweet, gentle man who was often disguised as a brute. He'll be missed. Thank you for all the good times mate x

Once the camera stopped rolling, there was nothing but love on the set of Harry Potter. That's about as magical as it gets.


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