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I am here to talk to you about the possible future of the Scream franchise. Now that a TV series will air on MTV on June 30th, I think it is time we discuss about a question everyone asked after Scream 4 was released: do we actually need another sequel? A lot of people seem to agree that the latest movie was in fact better than the awful third installment, and that it was a nice reunion. But after eleven years, things changed: the Saw and Paranormal Activity series were born, and we have reached a point where the beloved meta franchise just didn't feel like it was relevant anymore.

First of all, the fourth entry poked fun at Twitter and Facebook in the opening scene, Hayden Panettiere's character had an iPhone, the rules were about the reboots which kept (and keep) spawning out of nowhere. The most recent example is Poltergeist, which didn't manage to wow critics and overall felt unnecesary. But you know, it had ghosts... and stuff. So, as Alison Brie's character says: ''F*ck me wow''. Basically, after 2000, the slasher movies were an extinct subgenre. But then, in 2008, when Scream 4 was announced, some said it was going to be the grand revival of masked killers. We all know how that went: the sequel underperformed, grossing less than $40M(the production budget) in the US. However, it did strong overseas. In fact, director Wes Craven said in an interview, dated September 2011, that Scream 5 will most likely happen because of that. But, years have passed by and no concrete news were heard until autumn 2013 when Harvey Weinstein expressed his dire interest in a fourth sequel. There is some heavy speculation that if the TV show is successful, then part five will be made. So, let's see if we need it:

1) Scream 4 was fun, but its ambiguous ending made everyone wonder where the hell could the series go from there.

2) Part four didn't break box office records, yet the Weinsteins said they were happy with its numbers.

3) We didn't even need another sequel to begin with. But it washed away some of the bad taste left in our mouths by Scream 3, at least.

4) Despite Scream 4's moderate success, people still want a proper ending to the series. The ending of part four was a good one for the movie, not for the movie franchise.

5) Let's face it: if a fifth flick were to be made, most likely everyone who's seen the fourth would want to see what clever way the writers found to continue the story.

6) Recently, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension was confirmed to be the last. Also, Saw doesn't look like it's gonna be back anytime soon. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween and Friday the 13th will all revisit theathers in 2016. So, found footage will be gone, torture porn too, and the well-known slashers will be back to hopefully scare audiences. What better opportunity do you need for the Scream series to make a comeback?

So, a lot of fans want it, Harvey Weinstein said he ''would love to end the series with part five'', the good ol' slashers all return. And, if the MTV series does well, it is even better. It is the best time for Scream to return, even if it is for just one last time. That's my opinion.

What do you think? Is it the right time for Scream 5 to happen? Do you want to see the iconic self-aware films return to a theather near you? Should they stop at Scream 4?

Please tell me your own opinion.


What do you guys think?


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