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Sam Plank

Why a Supernatural/Paranormal Activity Crossover Needs to Happen!

You may have heard a little something about Paranormal Activity 5: The Ghost Dimension:

Things have obviously gotten out of control!

Who you gonna call?

That's right! Toby must die!

He should at least make some sort of apperance in season 11 of Supernatural!

Sure, Dean and Sam will be busy fighting The Darkness, but they always need a break from fighting the big baddie of the season, so why not Toby?

Or, at the very least, have Sammy read about Toby sightings on the internets, while him and his brotha from an on-fire motha (too soon?) are sitting in their Men of Letters Lair. Or what's left of it after Season 10:

Let's just hope Rowena didn't summon Toby to infiltrate Cas's meatsack...


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