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The resident Mosasaurus doing an impression of The Shamu Show
The resident Mosasaurus doing an impression of The Shamu Show

We all know about the over-used trope of "giant dinosaurs escape from captivity and wreak havoc" (usually on an island that is conveniently located in the middle of nowhere) - we've already seen 3 films with the exact same basic plot. And I think the question we're all asking is...

How many more films are we going to watch with the same plot?

I mean, you would have thought that after the last three disasters on the same island, all of them involving dinosaurs, the rich billionaires of the world might have learnt that there are just some things that should stay dead. Honestly, why do they think that dinosaurs were wiped out in the first place?

However, I will admit, their stupidity does make for some rather amusing moments in all of the films in the Jurassic franchise. And they also provide us with useful morals to teach our children, such as "Don't be a dumb rich person and try to bring back dinosaurs to exploit them, otherwise you'll probably be mauled to death by a baby T.Rex."

Back on the subject of Jurassic World, this film is just brilliant, crazy and fun, if not also slightly unbelievable and dumb, right from the beginning. It also pays homage to the rest of the franchise, and even has Dr. Henry Wu (played by B.D. Wong) from the first film put in an appearance.

Chris Pratt's acting in this film is brilliant, especially seeing as half the time he's trying to tame thin air, as the velociraptors won't make an appearance until after production unless fantasy becomes reality. However, Owen's character does seem to be a bit stiff, though I imagine it is quite hard to pretend to interact with dinosaurs that aren't there (though saying that, it would probably be quite hard to interact with real velociraptors if the dinosaurs were there).

The special effects are also definitely worth mentioning. Just as in the first three films, animatronic dinosaurs were used in the film, but this time I have to admit that even I was impressed by the CGI and special effects created by Phil Tippett and Industrial Light and Magic were incredibly realistic and could almost make you believe that dinosaurs were once again roaming the earth. However, I don't think that any of the effects used nowadays will ever quite be able to recreate the 'hold-on-to-your-hats' effects of the first film, Jurassic Park.

So all in all, I have to say that I enjoyed this film immensely, but I don't think anything they create now or in the future will ever be able to out-do the original film which came roaring onto the cinema screens 12 years ago.


An immensely entertaining film that still manages to keep us wide-awake, Jurassic world has managed to carry on the legacy created all those years ago, and is well-worthy of the praise it has received.


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