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The Doctors Bow Tie.

Okay lets be honest here, we have all had dreams where we have found ourselves running around the TARDIS haven't we?

Well, for 3 minions that happened for real. In a promotion stunt for their new movie Minions, Kevin, Stewart and Bob took a trip to the BBC for an interview on the One Show. BBC Radio One presenter Greg James was entrusted to look after the mischievous trio but it all went wrong...

Find out what happened after they took a trip in the TARDIS here!

Who cannot help but just smile at this video? I LOVE the minions and seeing them get up to no good around the BBC center and see several Doctor Who references be made at the same time was just fantastic!

One thing is for sure, the 10th Doctor would have loved having the Minions on his TARDIS!

The video certainly gave me a giggle! Now I cannot wait for the Minion Movie!!

Here's a trailer if you haven't seen it already!

What other characters would you like to see in the TARDIS?


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