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The thing about The Walking Dead that I think many people gravitate to is the fact that the cast is perfect in every way. There are no characters that merely take up space or don't fit in with the vibe of the show. There have been characters written off the show, and it feels like losing a friend whenever someone does in fact die off.

The show would probably be fairly described as high-intensity and heavily-dramatic, but there's this level of genuine chemistry within the cast that almost makes them seem like a tight-knit family. It seems like only people that got along together and gelled properly could put out a show as well-crafted and awesome as TWD.

It's only in the behind-the-scenes photos of the cast that you truly can feel the love they all seem to share for each other.

1. I mean, stuff like this could never happen on-screen, but I'm so happy it happens off it

2. Here's a (much younger looking!) Rick with a walker in a photo taken from season one

3. Of course Daryl and Beth have been rumored to be dating, and at the very least they're good friends as you can tell from this goofy shot!

4. They all seem to have so much fun putting this together for us... even with walkers looming nearby!

5. Looks like this walker is showing the rest of the cast a hilarious cat video or something

6. Only true friends could do this.

7. Don't ask me what's going on here...

8. Look at Daryl/Norman here! They're working on a show revolving around death, but they're having fun with it and you can tell

9. Five seasons in, it's clear as day that this isn't a cast. It's a family.

Now, can it be October already so we can get some more of this?


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