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When it comes to entertainment, one of the first companies we all think of is, of course, Disney. They seem to be involved with everything, from Marvel to Star Wars and more. Also, of course they still have their classic characters and stories.

Paul Westover is an artist with some serious wit, who put together some fake comic-style scenes taken from Disney still images from your favorite Disney classic movies. The dialogue that is featured in all of these would've really changed the stories - and probably simplified them quite a bit. The results are amazing.

You can find the rest of his catalog of work on his blog, here.

1. Aladdin rethinking his wishes

2. Belle rethinking this whole fall-in-love with a Beast thing

3. Scar getting outed, and nobody being surprised

4. Cinderella doing what she should've DEFINITELY done in the original

5. Gender-norms destroyed in Mulan

6. The Little Mermaid, simplified

7. Snow White dropping one of the best "deal with it" statements of all time, and rocking shades

(Via: Dorkly)


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