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I’m a few days removed from the season 2 premiere of True Detective. Day by day, I've pondered the possibilities of the upcoming season and something captivating crossed my mind. What was the significance of the bird next to Caspere in the backseat? While the show was airing, I couldn’t tell if the bird was a statue or if it was even real. Now that I know that was a mask - an animal mask - why is this a HUGE deal?

Season 1 Episode 7 of True Detective, “After You’ve Gone,” featured a very powerful scene with Rust and Marty. Marty follows Rust to a storage shelter where he is shown an assuredly gut-wrenching video. The contents of the video are mostly shown off screen with the audience only experiencing the agony Marty goes through watching it. However, what we do see, is a little girl surrounded by people in animal masks who are going to do God knows what with her. This video tape is important for two reasons: You get a temporary glimpse of the atrocities being committed by this network of cultish pedophiles, which helps bring Marty fully to Rust’s side again and where the tape was found. One of our monstrous villains of True Detective, Billy Lee Tuttle was the owner of the video tape. By the end of the season, we really only got to see the very tip of the iceberg. We never really get a grasp for how many people are in on this child torture/sacrifice ring.

Frank Semyon's imposing profile.
Frank Semyon's imposing profile.

Is it unthinkable that the shady business men involved with Frank Semyon (Vince Vaughn) and his associates could be connected to the Tuttles and their cohorts? I think it is implied that the Russian gentlemen knows more about where Ben Caspere has been all day. Could this underground society of horrors be the connective tissue between the first two, seemingly unconnected, seasons? On the flipside of all this, is it possible that Ben Caspere and Frank Semyon are somehow connected to this ring? One thing I am certain of is that this mask was not simply in the seat for ambience.

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