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I'm sure you've all seen the avengers 2 age of ultron, if not, be careful because there is some spoilers in this post. After the events of the avengers 2, we can't help but wonder what will be the faith of the avengers. For starters, we have the most obvious missing element of the avengers which is the hulk who at the end of the movie had chose to disappear. Plus the soon to be released captain america 3 civil war movie will feature the battle between captain america and iron man and there has been some speculations involving the death of both iron man and captain america. And as if it couldn't get any worse Thor will be locked up in a galactic prison in Thor 3 Raganrok according to what i've read from you guys. If so, wich superheroes will form the avengers? And who will take the place of our beloved heroes?

1. Thor can be replaced by Vision

According to what we have seen in avengers 2 Vision is a powerful character with powers almost similar to Thor's powers plus has been able to lift the hammer which means he's worthy as well as him posessing the infinity stone. So Vision is perfectly capable of replacing Thor

2. Iron Man will be replaced by Rhodes

Following Iron Man's death, no one will be worthy enough to replace Iron Man than his best friend lieutenant James Rhodes who occupies the War Machine. So he will be able to replace Tony if not do a better job than him.

3. Hulk will be tough to replace

There is no monster that can rise up to the greatness of the hulk because Godzilla and King Kong put together can never match the strength and viciousness of the hulk so it will be a tough challenge for Marvel

4. Hawkeye and Black Widow

When it comes to hawkeye and black widow they can't be replaced and let's face it, Marvel needs its own badass archer that can match DC's green arrow and a sexy, sneaky and powerful female agent

5. Captain america

When it comes to captain america Chris Evans has stated that he has agreed that he will act in 3 captain america movies which pretty much confirms his death or retirement in captain america 3 civil war. But the issue is who will be the new captain america?

With Marvel bringing back Bucky Larson to life the winter solidere might just be the new captain america. Plus we can't ignore Cap's new sidekick Falcon who might become the new captain america. But the idea of a new captain america is still inquestioned due to the return of Spiderman to the MCU who will probably lead the team.

6. The Others

By the others i'm talking about Nick Fury, Scarlett Witch, angent Maria Hill, Spiderman and wait for it ............... Phil coulson and Quicksilver. Now there has been some chatter that they might be bringing angent Phil back tho the MCU but we still don't know how. When it comes to Quicksilver, it's true that we have seen him die while saving hawkeye and that little boy but we haven't seen a funeral which we all have learned that in Marvel it doesn't mean he's 100% dead just like agent Phil but Scarlett Witch is certained to be one of the avengers. As for the others nothing is determined yet because with Tony out of the picture the avengers will need angent Maria to do all the computer work for them but when it comes to Nick Fury nothing can be certain for we have seen him retire in captain america 2 but still made an appearance in the avengers 2 so if Nick Fury had a part in this he will probably be just an advisor for Cap. But if captain america were to die Nick Fury must suffer the same faith in order for the next captain america to lead the team or possibly Spiderman that has been a certainty that he will return to marvel to join if not lead the avengers.

with this theories being said do you agree to the new breed of avengers? Or do you have some suggestions of your own?


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