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Alright, so I managed to find enough time to make this for you guys. I couldn't wait. Here I am pitting 2 master energy utilizing martial artists against one another.

Our first fighter is



A traveling master of the Martial Arts, Ryu is one of the most recognized and badass video game characters around. Participating in fighting tournaments to become the best, Ryu is one tough son of a bitch. Lets see what he is bringing to the table.


  • Master Hand to Hand Combatant- Ryu has spent almost his entire life training and learning multiple fighting styles. Determined to be the best, Ryu was trained by the best, and in result, is one of the most efficient fighters in all of Street Fighter.
  • Immense durability- Ryu has incredible durability. This allows him to take a hell of a beating in the midst of battle. He once survived getting impaled through the chest, that's something you don't see quite often.
  • Immense speed- Ryu has incredible speed and reflexes. This combined with his immense fighting skills makes him able to dodge point blank gunfire without any hindrance.
  • Energy Manipulation- Ryu can manipulate the Chi inside him to perform many moves that no normal human can perform.
  • Hadoken- Utilizing his Chi to expel Energy form his palms, the Hadoken is an energy blast powerful enough to easily stun and blast away any type of enemy. One of Ryu's signature techniques.
  • Shoryuken- An incredibly powerful uppercut that sends targets flying sky high into the air.
  • Tornado Whirlwind Leg- A technique where Ryu jumps and uses his Chi to spin in the air at rapid speeds while having his leg sticking out, kicking anything with extreme force that comes in his path.
  • Satsui no Hado- Utilizing the evil energies within himself, Ryu can use the Satsui no Hado, aka Rage of Murderous Intent. This transforms him into Evil Ryu, enhancing his strength, speed, durability, and power levels to unstoppable levels.
  • Raging Demon- With the Satsui no Hado, Ryu can use his most effective technique, The Raging Demon. A barrage of energy infused hits which targets and kills your soul, easy for killing any target.
  • Phasing Teleportation- When using the Satsui no Hado, Ryu's speed is so great, he can travel to any location within a short distance instantly and phase through any attacks simultaneously.
  • The Power of Nothingness- Ryu's second transformation, the Power of Nothingness occurs when Ryu overcomes the influence of the Satsui no Hado and removes all emotion from himself, releasing his full power. This enhances his abilities to levels far beyond what he could previously accomplish. Increasing his physical strength to insane levels, allowing him to emit energy blasts far more powerful than that of his normal Hadoken, and much, much more.

Alright, now we know why Ryu is the king of Street Fighter, lets see if our second fighter will take his spot.

Naruto Uzumaki

The orange-clad ninja
The orange-clad ninja

A child of prophecy, Naruto Uzumaki is one of the most determined fictional characters ever. Dedicated to becoming the leader of his village, Naruto fights to improve himself, save his friends, and put an end to evil.

But what can he do though?


  • Expert Hand to Hand Combatant- Trained as a ninja, Naruto has extreme skills in hand to hand combat, allowing him to go head to head with some of the major power houses in the Naruto anime.
  • Weapons expert- Naruto was trained in the use of Kunai Knives and Shurikens, allowing him to keep opponents at bay with his ninja tools
  • Chakra Manipulation- Ninjas in the Naruto Universe manipulate their inner energy called Chakra, which they use in order to perform supernatural feats. These includes Walking on water, leaping far distances, etc.
  • Shadow Clone Jutsu- One of Naruto's most used and skilled jutsus. Naruto uses his chakra to create duplicates of himself. Being able to create hundreds, Naruto is able to create an entire army if needed, but there is a drawback, his chakra supply divides among the clones, so the more clones, the less chakra he and the clones will have. The clones also disperse from simple hits easily.
  • Rasengan- Another one of Naruto's most skillful attacks, Naruto creates chakra in the palm of his hand to form an orb of chakra energy, which has the force and power to exert immense physical force onto a target, being able to destroy an entire water tower with ease.
  • Sage Mode- Using Natural Energy from around him, Naruto can modify his chakra to enter Sage Mode. Sage Mode enhances Naruto's physical capabilities sky high, giving him enough strength to lift 2 tons, and move faster than lightning. Sage Mode however has a limited time and the more attacks he performs, the shorter time he has left due to the limited amount of natural energy has has within himself
  • Rasenshuriken- Naruto can manipulate his chakra while in Sage Mode to morph the shape of his Rasengan to resemble a giant shuriken. While capable of doing this in his base form, Naruto is more successful when in Sage Mode. The Rasenshuriken can slice through most materials and generate an extremely powerful explosion that attacks one at a cellular level.
  • Kyuubi Chakra Mode- Naruto possesses the Nine tailed fox inside himself, which grants him access to large amounts of chakra. Naruto can utilize the Nine Tailed Fox (Kyuubi) to enter Kyuubi Chakra Mode. This enhances his abilites far beyond that of Sage Mode, and can generate chakra limbs that can extend.
  • Massive Rasengan-With the Kyuubi Chakra, Naruto can enhance the size of his Rasengan to an enormous size, increasing its devastating power by alot.
  • Bijuu Mode- After gaining cooperation form the Kyuubi, Naruto gained a new mode, Bijuu Mode. This enhances his abilities from Kyuubi Chakra Mode to even further levels. His most impressive feat in this form is Bijuu Mode, which allows him to create a chakra replica of the Nina Tailed Fox around himself, granting him its abilities.
  • Tailed Beast Ball- An ability granted to tailed beasts, Naruto is able to use the Tailed beast ball once he has entered Bijuu Mode, creating an enormous sphere of chakra that has the devastating power to level an entire landscape with ease.

Alright, we have our combatants, lets see which Fighter beats who.


(Naruto is seen running through a forest. With his arms drawn back and his eyes aimed forward, Naruto runs and leaps from tree to tree. He then looks over to see a man fighting against multiple Konoha Shinobi. The Man easily incapacitates them all, sweep kicking one of them and punching another in the gut simultaneously. The Man stands and is revealed to be Ryu.)

Naruto: Who’s this guy?

(Naruto leaps down and takes out a Kunai.)

Naruto: Hey! You just beat up some of my friends!

Ryu: They challenged me to battle, so I complied. Their defeat was only because of their overconfidence.

Naruto: Well let's see how skilled you really are, pal!

(Naruto throws the kunai, which Ryu dodges effortlessly. Ryu then runs and attempts to roundhouse kick Naruto in the face, only for Naruto to somersault underneath Ryu, rolling behind him, allowing Naruto to sweep kick Ryu from behind. Ryu lands on his hands and holds himself up with them, allowing him to spin around, kicking Naruto in the face. Naruto gets onto his feet and runs at Ryu, throwing multiple punches. Ryu deflects them all with his hands. Naruto jumps back, then runs again, spin kicking Ryu. Ryu blocks with his arms, then smacks Naruto’s leg away, allowing him to sidekick Naruto in the face. Naruto falls back, but is then kneed in the face by Ryu, knocking Naruto back, allowing Ryu to reverse roundhouse kick, hitting Naruto straight in the face, knocking him down. Naruto quickly rolls onto his feet and throw shurikens at Ryu. Ryu dodges the shurikens with ease, then runs at Naruto. Ryu jumps up and rolls mid air, attempting to hammer kick Naruto. Naruto blocks Ryu’s foot with his arms, then pushes Ryu back, allowing Naruto to side kick Ryu in the face. Ryu quickly grabs a hold of Naruto’s leg and flips him over, allowing him to kick Naruto in the gut over and over again. Naruto quickly throws a kunai, striking Ryu in the leg, freeing Naruto. Naruto rolls away and gets on his feet.)

Naruto: You’re good.

Ryu: (Pulls Kunai out of his leg.) You are too.

(Naruto smiles then runs at Ryu, who quickly roundhouse kicks Naruto in the head with immense force, knocking Naruto onto the ground. Naruto quickly gets onto his feet, but looks forward to see Ryu throwing a punch at him. Naruto is punched multiple times, then side kicked in the gut. Naruto falls over, then attempts to sweep kick Ryu, who jumps up and swings his foot into Naruto’s face knocking him back. Ryu lands on his feet and gets into his stance while Naruto gets up, wiping blood off his lip.)

Naruto: Alright, Now I know what you’re capable of.

Ryu: I haven’t even begun.

(Both fighters get into position, only for Naruto to quickly create 3 shadow clones. Ryu raises and eyebrow as the clones run towards him. One clone attempts to roundhouse kick Ryu in the face, but Ryu ducks and strikes him multiple times, dispersing the clones. Another clone spin kicks Ryu in the back, while the real Naruto punches Ryu straight in the face. Ryu falls on his back, but kicks himself up and spin kicks the real Naruto in the face, knocking him back. The 2 clones run and begin trading blows with Ryu. Ryu kicks one clone in the face, then slams his fist down onto the other. One of the clones then runs and holds Ryu in place, while the last clone rapidly punches Ryu over and over again. Ryu smiles, then jumps up and kicks both of his feet into the clone’s face, dispersing him. Ryu then flips the last clone over him and onto the ground, allowing Ryu to grab the clone and strike him in the face with immense force, dispersing him. Ryu looks up and is punched in the face by the real Naruto. Naruto punches Ryu multiple times, but Ryu quickly lands a forward kick in the gut, knocking Naruto down. Ryu runs and spins around, kicking Naruto straight in the head, sending him flying onto the ground. Naruto gets up and throws multiple kunais at Ryu, all of which are attached with paper bombs. Ryu dodges them all, then leaps away, avoiding the explosion. Naruto then runs and leaps after Ryu. Naruto throws a punch, which Ryu blocks and counters with a kick in the gut then a left hook onto the ground. Naruto rolls onto his feet and smirks, using Multi Shadow Clones Jutsu to create around 50 shadow clones.)

Naruto: Let's see you handle us!

(Ryu looks around in awe, only to get attacked by the overwhelming amount of shadow clones. Ryu manages to flip many over and deliver many kicks and punches to the clones, dispersing many. Ryu is punched and kicked many times as well, but then grabs one clone and spins it around, slamming him into many other clones, knocking them back. Ryu then ducks, dodging one punch, and uses his Shoryuken, uppercutting the clone with immense force, dispersing it upon contact. Ryu falls back down, but Ryu quickly uses his Tornado Whirlwind Leg to spin through many of the clones, kicking many of them, dispersing most of them. Ryu is then tackled onto by all of the remaining clones, overwhelming Ryu with the sheer numbers. Ryu is held in place while Naruto jumps in the air, wielding a Rasengan.)

Naruto: Rasengan!!

(Naruto slams his Rasengan into Ryu’s chest, but Ryu tanks it and forward kicks Naruto in the gut. Ryu then flips one clone over, smashing it into the ground, then elbows another, knocking it back and dispersing it. Ryu then quickly spins around, swinging his foot into many clones, dispersing them all. The remaining 10 clones run at Ryu, only for Ryu to quickly turn towards the clones and smile.)

Ryu: Shoryuken!

(Ryu uppercuts one clone, dispersing it, then lands on the ground and quickly aims his hands at the other clones.)

Ryu: Hadoken!

(Ryu fires an energy blast form his palms which flies through the remaining clones, taking them all out. Naruto then looks at Ryu.)

Naruto: (Thinks) Able to single handedly take out 50 of my clones, I need to end this quickly.

(Ryu takes a deep breath, then gets into a fighting stance. Naruto sits down and crosses his legs, concerning Ryu.)

Ryu: Giving up already?

(Naruto’s eyes turn orange along with the outline of his eyes, entering Sage Mode. Ryu raises an eyebrow, but is suddenly socked in the gut by Naruto, whose strength has increased tremendously. Naruto punches Ryu over and over again, then roundhouse kicks him in the face. This knocks Ryu over, allowing Naruto to run and kick Ryu straight in the face, sending him flying against the ground and crashing into a tree. Naruto runs and jumps in the air, and as he falls, Ryu quickly stands and blocks Naruto’s punch. This fails due to Naruto’s immense strength, causing Naruto to smash Ryu’s arms into his own face, smashing him into the tree behind him. Naruto then spin kicks Ryu in the gut, crashing him into the entire tree. Naruto looks at Ryu, who slowly gets up.)

Ryu: This form… It’s incredible.

Naruto: Ready to surrender?

Ryu: Not in the slightest.

(Ryu runs and throws a punch at Naruto, who catches Ryu’s punch then side kicks Ryu, sending him flying into the forest. Naruto smiles then runs towards Ryu. Ryu is gone, confusing Naruto.)

Naruto: Where’d he go?

(Naruto attempts to sense him, but is suddenly kneed in the back from behind by Ryu. Ryu rapidly strikes Naruto over and over again with rapid punches and kicks. Naruto quickly spins around in an attempt to kick Ryu, but Ryu ducks.)

Ryu: Shoryuken!

(Ryu uppercuts Naruto, sending him flying into the sky. Naruto flips in the air and throws many shurikens at Ryu, who dodges them easily. Ryu then leaps onto a tree and jumps after Naruto. Naruto spins and throws a kick at Ryu, hitting him, sending him crashing into the ground. Ryu rolls onto his feet, then looks forward. Naruto dashes towards Ryu and throws a punch at him.)

Ryu: Hadoken!

(Ryu quickly fires an energy blast from his palms, hitting Naruto dead on, blasting him away with immense force. Naruto crashes into a tree, then looks and sees Ryu, who is slightly tired.)

Naruto: Time to end this.

(Naruto creates 2 shadow clones.)

Ryu: (Gets into a fighting stance.) I can handle 2 clones.

(The clones clones begin to form a Rasenshuriken in Naruto’s hand. Ryu grits his teeth and readies himself. The 2 clones then run at Ryu. Ryu is punched multiple times, but manages to strike one clone rapidly with his fists, then hook kick him in the face, dispersing him. The 2nd clone however kicks Ryu in the spine, then spin around and kicks him in the head, smashing him into the ground. The clone grabs Ryu and holds him in place, allowing Naruto to run and throw the Rasenshuriken.)

Naruto: YAAA!!!!!

(Ryu stares at the oncoming Rasenshuriken.)

Ryu: I will not let you defeat me!!!

(Ryu’s eyes turn red and he emits a large red violet energy wave, surrounding himself with a dark red aura of energy using the Satsui No Hado, transforming himself into Evil Ryu. Ryu is struck by the Rasenshuriken and engulfed in a large energy blast. This causes the area to be covered in smoke and dust, with Naruto exiting Sage Mode.)

Naruto: He was one tough opponent.

(Naruto walks away, only to turn back and see Evil Ryu still standing.)

Ryu: You attempted to kill me… time to return the favor.

(Naruto’s eyes open wide, and is then suddenly kneed in the gut by Evil Ryu, who teleported right next to him. Ryu rapidly punches Naruto, then lifts him in the air and smashes him into the ground. Ryu intends to snap Naruto’s neck, only for Naruto to slam a kunai into his arm. The kunai however, shatters, and Ryu smirks. He is about to confirm the kill, only for Naruto to enter Kyuubi Chakra Mode. Ryu’s eyes open up, and Naruto creates 2 chakra arms that form rasengans, which he slams into Ryu, blasting him away. Ryu rolls against the ground then gets on his feet. Naruto dashes up to him in a blur of yellow and rapidly punches him. Ryu then kicks Naruto in the head and punches him multiple times. Naruto begins dodging Ryu’s attacks and appears behind him, where Naruto forms a tailed beast rasengan. Ryu looks back and Naruto runs at blinding speeds to hit Ryu. Ryu dodges Naruto’s hit by teleporting behind him, then spin kicking him in the back. Ryu then engulfs his fists with purple energy and is about to use the Raging Demon. Ryu attacks Naruto with it, only for Naruto to dodge and appear behind Ryu, allowing Naruto to create a Massive Rasengan using chakra arms. Naruto jumps in the air and sends the Rasengan crashing down into Ryu, who yells.)

Ryu: Hadoken!!

(Ryu fires a Satsui No Hado powered Hadoken blast at the Massive Rasengan, resulting in an enormous explosion that engulfs the area, including Naruto and Ryu. The 2 are then seen back in their normal forms, tired and weak.)

Naruto: I still have plenty of more where that came from pal. Kurama!

(Naruto enters Bijuu Mode, gaining a chakra cloak. Ryu looks in awe, and is then punched in the gut by Naruto. Ryu coughs up blood and is blown away. Ryu slowly gets up.)

Ryu: I will not resolve to evil to defeat you…

(Ryu is surrounded by a blue aura and his eyes glow white, using the Power of Nothingness. Naruto and Ryu lunge at each other, trading many blows. Naruto and Ryu punch each other many times, and Naruto manages to uppercut Ryu. Naruto then grabs Ryu’s leg with a chakra arm and swings him around.)

Ryu: Hadoken!

(Ryu fires an enormous energy beam that dissipates the chakra arm and hits NAruto directly, blasting him away. Naruto then forms a chakra replica of the Kyuubi around himself. The Kyuubi roars and Naruto forms a tailed beast ball. Ryu stares in shock and engulfs himself in massive amounts of energy. Naruto fires the tailed beast ball at Ryu, who leaps in the air, colliding with the Tailed Beast Ball. This results in an enormous explosion that decimates the entire area. The smoke of the explosion clears and Naruto, in his regular form, is seen standing over a defeated Ryu.)

Winner = Naruto

Naruto's victory
Naruto's victory

Reason: Well guys, here we have it. Ryu’s hand to hand combat skills, speed, and strength far surpassed Naruto’s in their base forms. And while Ryu might be able to hold his own against Sage Mode Naruto in his base form, once Naruto started resolving to the Kyuubi for power, Naruto quickly gained the advantage. Evil Ryu is immensely powerful, and would without a doubt hold his own against Kyuubi Chakra Mode Naruto, but the only thing at his disposal that would be able to defeat Naruto would be the Raging Demon technique, a technique which Naruto could easily dodge with his immense speed. Naruto’s speed and strength in Bijuu Mode might be matched by Ryu’s when using the Power of Nothingness, but Naruto’s chakra attacks and defensive capabilities using the Kyuubi chakra, just proved too much for the Street Fighter. Naruto is the winner.


The Human/Kree Hybrid Avenger
The Human/Kree Hybrid Avenger

Captain Marvel VS Supergirl

Kara Zor El
Kara Zor El

Thank you guys for reading this segment of my Battle Arena series. I hope you enjoyed it and you tune in next Tuesday to see whose Comic Book Girl power trumps whose.


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