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20th Century Fox seems to be weighing all it's options as it gears up for the release of the Fantastic Four reboot and X-Men Apocalypse! Will the two franchises finally meet?

Could the rumors be true? 20th Century Fox has made it pretty clear that it has no intention of following in Sony's footsteps and relinquishing two of it's biggest film properties, [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267) and Fantastic Four, back to Marvel. Making it even more clear is new steam behind the X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover rumor!

Earlier this year Fantastic Four and X-Men producer Simons Kinberg had specified that he was currently too focused on making the Fantastic Four reboot the best it can be to think of a huge crossover film, but that it could definitely be a possibility. Adding more fuel to the fire today, Latino-Review reports that Fox's "Unknown" X-Men film due out in 2018 could potentially be the said crossover film. Though it all depends on the success of the Fantastic Four reboot and pending X-Men Apocalypse doesn't take the series on a nosedive in the box office.

With the success of Marvel studios' billion dollar superhero cinematic universe, it's no surprise Fox would want to get in on the action with two of the most popular comic book franchises in their hands. To be honest, it hurts my soul that the chance of seeing a harmonious partnership between Fox and Marvel similar to Sony's is being squashed further into the ground, but I can't say this rumor isn't exciting! I could see this crossover being huge pending Fantastic Four doing well!

What are your thoughts on an X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover? Are you totally pumped to see it happen? Or would you prefer such a huge fete be done by Marvel Studios themselves?


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