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Not much of a comic book reader in fact i've never read a comic book because they do not sell it in my country but i love reading your blogs
Moustapha Sayed

Captain America 3 civil war is coming sooneven if we have to wait till 2016 but it'll be worth it because it will feature the clash of the titans, the turning point from friends to enemies. Now moraly speaking it'll be uncomfortable but on the pther side, it will be the most epic battle we will ever see but one question remains which side will you choose?

1. Iron Man

Now Iron Man has been known to be resourceful and smart, he has shown efficiency and a lot of heart in his previous missions adding that he has put his life on the line several times to save humanity like in the first avengers where he took the nuke to the outer space as well as him continuing to save the world even though he was dying.

On the other hand, the person riding the Iron Man suit is Tony Stark, the ego-testicule, careless asshole that never takes anything seriously. He doesn't respect the rules or anyone else plus he built Ultron though it was well intended but this monster that nearly destroyed the earth had Tony's mindset which means Tony practicaly thinks the same way

2. Captain America

He's a boy scout, he obeys the rules , he helps everyone, he gets the job done. Cap has never shown any selfeshness, he has always put the people's well being before his own, he sacrificed his life to save billions of people back in world war 2. He's courageous, fearless and if i can say so and this will seem a little kinky, flawless. Yes i said it but if you think about it you'll find that i'm right because he never showed us otherwise.

So we are standing at a cross road. This is dude's version of twilight. As you see from my post, i'm clearly on team Captain America what about you?


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