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In the world of video games, there are many hits, and even more misses. For the most part, every time a movie-inspired video game is made, that is the biggest miss possible. Luckily, Star Wars isn't just a movie. Star Wars is a universe.

There are several names in the video game industry that are revered for their innovation and unique playing style. These games, such as Call Of Duty God of War are still heavily-played today, as are these amazing Star Wars games that have very similar styles.

Mass Effect/Dragon Age - Knights of the Old Republic

One of the main drawing points for both the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises is the abundance of choice, and the results that these choices can make. These choices can literally be the difference between life and death in these games, and they can drastically effect the rest of the game.

These same choices can be found in Knights of the Old Republic, with different dialogue choices resulting in your ultimate alignment between the light and dark sides of the Force. No matter what planet you're on, no matter which mission you're attempting to complete, you will always have dialogue options that will either ascend you closer to the light side of the Force, or drop you to the murky depths of the dark side.

Another big similarity between KOTOR and the other games is that you can switch between different characters in your "party". You always can control your own independent, custom-built hero of the story, but you can also bring other characters on missions with you. Do you want to fight alongside a Mandalorian and a Jedi, or will you be accompanied by a droid and a Wookie? The choice is yours.

Call of Duty - Republic Commando

When you think of video games, one of the most popular and most-played is the first-person shooter franchise Call of Duty. In the CoD games, you play a soldier who undergoes military missions alongside a squad of other soldiers. You use a variety of guns, grenades, and other destructive weaponry to clear out your enemies and get to your ultimate goal.

Republic Commando is very similar to the Call of Duty games, except it is even more fun! You play as a clone commando during the Clone Wars directly after the events of Attack of the Clones. You even start out the game in the Battle of Geonosis. You can blast through countless droids and barricades and order your other commandos to do the same as you try to bring victory for the Republic.

Battlefield - Battlefront

Widely regarded as one of the best Star Wars games of all time, Battlefront II led the way to a whole new era of gaming. I still play this game all the time, and go for reason. Much like the game Battlefield, you play as a single soldier and you try to survive in massive battlefields with guns blazing in every direction. You can be a soldier, a medic, or one of many other classes to try and help out your team.

In Battlefront, you get to play as either the CIS, the Republic, the Empire, or the Rebels in a gigantic deathmatch in some of the classic battle scenes from the films. Do you want to fight in Hoth? Endor? The Death Star? Maybe even a dogfight in the skies, or a tank battle on Utapau.

Not to mention Battlefront II features the Hero mechanic, where if you get enough points, you can enlist the abilities of a Jedi or a bounty hunter. Just think of finally getting the upper hand over the stormtroopers, and then all the sudden Darth Vader storms in, lightsaber in hand. That really shakes things up a bit.

007 Goldeneye - Jedi Outcast

When you think of the origins of the first-person shooter genre of gaming, you probably think of games like Call of Duty. I think of the N64 classic 007 Goldeneye, where you play as James Bond in the game adaptation of the classic Bond film. While the graphics and general animation physics are frankly silly, they are still sure to fill you with nostalgia.

In Jedi Outcast you play as Kyle Katarn instead of James Bond, but the style is very much the same. You blast your way through enemy bases and travel to exotic locations to complete your goal. However, in Outcast, you get a lightsaber, so that makes everything all the more fun. Not to mention the game allows for multiplayer fun, just like Goldeneye did.

God of War - The Force Unleashed

Is there anything more satisfying than slashing legions of Greek demons to bits? Is there anything more epic than mashing those buttons just right to take down the likes of Poseidon and Ares? Yes, the only thing better than that would be to do it with a lightsaber.

In The Force Unleashed, you play as Darth Vader's secret apprentice who travels across worlds to ensure that the Jedi are destroyed once and for all. You wade through dozens and dozens of stormtroopers and republic troops to make it to the epic boss battle with those like Shaak Ti or even the Emperor himself. You can also use a bunch of different force abilities to dispatch your enemies in creative and lethal wins.

Clash of Clans - Star Wars Commander

We live in a day and age where just about everyone, their grandmother, and their dog all have smart-phones. And other than music, videos, and the majesty that is the Internet, smart-phones are often used for gaming, such as the massive hit Clash of Clans. In the mobile game, you build your own little civilizations with defenses and resource buildings to defeat other clans.

In Commander, you choose to play as either the Empire or the Rebels, and you basically do the same thing. You build your base, outfit it with walls and turrets, and gather enough resources to declare war on other players. However, with this game, you can also have legendary Star Wars characters fight for you as well, such as Han Solo or Chewbacca.

Mario Kart - Racer

You may think that Darth Maul was the only good thing about The Phantom Menace but the podracing scene was always one of my favorites. What's better than watching podracing you might ask? Experiencing podracing.

In the Racer game, you get to speed through epic courses in a Mario Kart like competition, except without those pesky blue shells. You get to try and dodge huge natural landmarks while trying to ram other racers off the road. This is another one of those games that if you lay it with your friends, they may not be your friend for much longer.

Honorable Mention: Rogue Squadron

While I can't think of any major titles that mirror the gameplay of the Rogue Squadron games, but they are some of the best in the Star Wars universe. You fly around in X-Wings and Y-Wings and wage wars in the skies and space. You can pit yourself in dogfights against TIE Fighters, or you can re-live the Battle of Hoth and take down the massive AT-ATs. If you want, you could even grab a speeder bike and ride around through the trees of Endor. It is simply such a fun game, and one that everyone should play.


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